Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies from scratch has been an annual tradition we started back before Lilli was even one years old (2009, 2010, 2011).  Normally we get all dolled up in our Christmas aprons and set up some major lighting to get some frame-able pictures for the house.  This year, being very pregnant and very tired we went with what we had on – a way too small Titans shirt for me and a Belle dress up outfit she had gotten from the grandparents for Christmas.  I’m not sure we got a lot of frame-able things this year, but we had fun and Santa had cookies for his big day!

She loves, loves, loves to help bake.  Somehow I think it was easier when she was smaller and wasn’t so vocally opinionated on absolutely everything.  Listening can be a bit of a challenge these days, particularly since she suddenly knows everything now!! She is a cookie making pro though, and they had made cookies earlier in the week at school and she was constantly reminding me we don’t eat the dough because of the “rotten eggs” in it.










I think we have “little hands” pictures from every year.  I think it would be sweet to have those in a series frame over the years, and especially cute with a new little pair of hands coming into the frame this year!










It’s been a while (over a month) since we did this, but in looking at the pictures she must have been in quite the posing mood that night!! There’s a ton of hilarious pictures with all kinds of different “faces of Lilli”.










I’m pretty sure there’s also a picture of Pippin helping from the “down low” every year, too!! He is definitely the custodian of the kitchen floor.









Posing for Brent…..









She is the queen of the sprinkles….Instead of just pouring them out everywhere she is very deliberate about them these days.








Princess pose…(we also had funny faces and scary faces – this very much must have been a night where she wanted to put on a show for the camera!!)










We had a great time making our cookies for Santa this year, and I have a feeling he had a great time eating them!!


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