Christmas Eve

All the way back to Christmas Eve….

Our favorite Christmas Eve tradition is to spend the day in our PJs, just hanging out, watching movies and playing with whatever new toys we’ve already gotten throughout the Christmas season.  Unfortunately, this year Brent had to work on Christmas Eve which is pretty much about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.  Of course we’re glad he’s employed, but no one should have to work on Christmas Eve!! Lilli and I made a quick trip to the grocery store that morning, and then played around the house the rest of the day waiting for Brent to come home.

Last year we started the tradition of watching The Polar Express on Christmas Eve and popping popcorn in the “fancy” popcorn machine.  We hardly ever use the nice machine because it is a pain to clean and microwave stuff is so much faster, but it is awfully cute!  So it’s a huge treat when we do break it out (which we really need to do more often.)









To get the maximum effect you definitely have to turn the lights out!!









Lilli loved The Polar Express even more this year than last, and had really anticipated watching it all season since she had seen a “train movie” in the Christmas movies folder on our hard drive.  Maybe next year we can go see the IMAX version or do a Polar Express train ride somewhere.

Afterwards we got in our Christmas PJs and broke out our special Night Before Christmas book.  We have several copies of this story, including the audible one made by her grandparents she really enjoyed this year, but we only break this one out on Christmas Eve.











Next to last stop before bed is always watching one of those free little Santa videos you can subscribe to online.  She’s always amazed how he knows her name or different little things about what she wants/where she goes to school.








Then of course we had to put out cookies and milk for Santa, along with reindeer food.  Naturally Pippin was already on the case and watching with intent – and Lilli had her eyes on him, too.










Posing with all the stocking and cookies..









And of course the annual picture of Pippin getting into everything…










Once she was safely asleep, Santa’s elves went about their business.  Santa was really smart this year and nothing had to be assembled or required extra batteries.  Smart Santa!!  We kept it pretty simple this year, there are WAY too many toys in this house so we only did a few little things.  She got a doorway puppet theater off Etsy (using a curtain rod you hang it in the doorway and it folds up when you are done).  She also got a talking baby doll, a Cinderella dress up dress and light up glass slippers, a Brave figurine set, and a monogrammed ballet bag with two leotards.    Abbi got a little Cinderella onesie, a little soft baby doll and a rattle.







And Santa and his elves got a good night’s sleep……




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