Christmas Day

We had a nice, low key Christmas day.  We really don’t need much “stuff” and we had just spent months clearing out/giving away/donating/selling all the extra “junk” that had somehow ended up in this house, so we didn’t buy a ton of things for Christmas.  Before I bought anything I tried to really think about how useful it might be, and if it might be played with for more than five minutes.  I’m about over all the little junky things that come in here and get played with one time and then never again.

We heard Lilli start stirring around her usual 7:30 so we jumped up to make sure we got lots of video/pictures of her Santa reaction.  She was a little upset at first because she had wanted to see Santa and take his picture with her little camera, but we explained to her that Santa doesn’t want to be seen, and if he is you don’t get as many presents!

She started with her stocking and we just did a few small things.  She was really excited about her 7-day bubble bath Disney princess set.  The girl loves a good soak!! (I do too, and am dying for a nice, warm bath – but alas, no baths for 6 weeks post C-Section.  Blah!)










Of course she loved her Cinderella costume and light up glass slippers.  You can’t go wrong with dress-up for her.  On the average Saturday she’s about 5 different characters!!









And the talking baby doll – her Santa request.  And this doll TALKS.  Non-stop!!! Brent and I laughed and laughed at how frustrated she would get with all of its constant demands.  Much like we feel sometimes with someone else’s demands!!









We had a lot of fun with the puppets and set it up in the hallway where she and Brent put on a fun show for me.  I think next time she has friends over it will be something fun and different to put out and enjoy their creativity.









Talking baby doll!!









We kept lunch simple and grilled steaks along with some mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and homemade bread.  We broke out some Welch’s Sparkling Juice (aka Sparkle Juice) and Lilli LOVED it.  Her obsession with sparkle juice began there, and we’ve had it for New Year’s Eve and also bought a bottle for her birthday.  The rest of the day we were just lazy in our PJs and watched movies and played with new toys.  The perfect Christmas!

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