Christmas Vacation

Somehow I had ended up with quite a bit of vacation left at the end of the year, so I ended up taking off the entire week between Christmas and New Years, thinking it would be nice to catch some extra rest before the baby was born (yeah, right!!) Brent somehow ended up with basically no vacation left, so he had to work every day besides New Years Eve.  It was a cold, dreary, rainy week, so Lilli and I didn’t really end up doing anything particularly fun, but we did play some with friends and have a few outings as well as lots of fun movie and play times at home.

One day I took her with me to my regular doctor’s exam and then we headed out to visit Brent at work.  She always has a lot of fun visiting our offices but we usually only make it out to his office about once a year, since it’s not super convenient to home and since any time we have off of work we don’t exactly want to spend visiting work.

She was very excited to visit the office!










Like most 4 year olds, she has no concept of what we actually do.  She thinks we both “do homework” and for me, she thinks my job involves drawing on my whiteboard and just generally typing on the computer.  For Brent, she thinks his job involves a lot of ping pong.  She has seen video he has on his Ipad of some of their office ping pong matches and she loves it.  (Their upper management added a Foosball table, Ping Pong Table and video game system to the break areas to encourage “active” breaks, ala Google’s modern work environment.)  She of course she wanted to see the ping pong tables and play a match.









Lining up….











I like this one, even though it’s a blurry Iphone pic.











After we walked around and visited a bit (I always enjoy seeing old friends since I worked there for 5 years myself!) we headed out to lunch with Brent.  About five seconds after we left Zaxby’s she was konked out in the back seat!! Work wears that girl out.











She and I did spend a day at the Science Center, I’ll have to get those pictures dumped off my phone.  Other than that time was spent making funny faces over the holidays….









We got the car seat installed for Abbi and also got the pack n play up in our room.  All baby gear has been inspected by Inspector Lilli.









We had fun making smoothies with the new blender my parents got me for Christmas…











And we had lots of snuggle on the couch and watch movie nights.  Perfect way to spend the cold winter evenings if you ask this formerly very pregnant person! And Pippin didn’t mind it either….










It is definitely very strange to look back at all these old pictures and see a very pregnant me! Life with Abbi is still going great, she hardly ever fusses and is a great sleeping baby – going for 4-5 hour stretches and night so she’s taking it pretty easy on us (so far).  And it’s great having Lilli stick with her school routine during the day to give us (and Abbi) a break.  She’s fantastic with her sister and is a great help, just sometimes she loves to help a bit much!!

We are definitely planning to try and get in bed a little earlier tonight than normal lately – strong storms are expected overnight tonight and I have a feeling that our family of 4/5 (Pippin hates storms too….) is all going to end up in our room or likely in the closet tonight!

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