Ringing in the New Year

The last couple of days of 2012 we tried to get in as many fun little family activities as we could…

We did some rollerskating up and down the sidewalk (she’s dying to go ice skating since we saw some figure skating on TV recently).  She’s really good at skating, when she isn’t distracted by neighborhood cats, limbs, leaves, nuts, etc.  They have roller skates at school they get to use in the gym.











Some intense sword fighting amongst pirates took place.  She’s very much into imaginative role play these days…












On one of the brief breaks in rain clouds Brent and Lilli snuck in about fifteen minutes at the playground…..every little minute outdoors counts in the winter!!


















On New Years Eve, I sent Brent with one last donation to Goodwill.  We got rid of a TON last year, from just about every room of the house.  I didn’t make it through my kitchen stuff, but plan to soon.  I love the feeling of not being so cluttered and overrun with stuff we don’t need, and the tax deduction will be brilliant for last year.  My only mistake was sending Lilli with him – Brent told her she could pick out one toy and she came home with this $1.99 gem – this redneck truck with a singing dead deer on top that plays Sweet Home Alabama.  Awful.











We had a nice, low key dinner at home on New Years Eve.  We had some “wilder” plans but some friends’ kids got sick, so we ended up spending it just the three of us.  That’s fine with me since I was definitely really tired by that point and we don’t like being out in the car driving on New Years Eve.  We had some sparkle juice, Happy New Year hats, beads and bubbles, and watched a little “Dick Clark”.  We even let Lilli stay up until around 10 playing.


















She wanted “party hair”.  I don’t even know what that means to her, but this is what Brent came up with.











Brent and I did manage to stay up until midnight (barely) and it was pouring down rain so much here that I’m really not sure if they did the fireworks downtown or not.  We went upstairs to watch them from Abbi’s room, but never saw or heard anything – and when there are big fireworks downtown we DEFINITELY feel them!!

And with that, we were ready for 2013!

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