The New Normal

I guess life is starting to get back to the new sense of normal as a family of five (we always count Pippin.)

It’s definitely been a few crazy weeks around here.  Since having a new baby wasn’t enough change, we also decided to move and sell our house in the middle of it all.  We really didn’t intend to, but did intend to start looking after Abbi was born. It just so happened one Sunday afternoon right before she was born (and I mean RIGHT before she was born!) we were out looking at open houses and getting an idea of neighborhoods we liked when we stumbled upon a sign in a yard and when we got out to grab a paper the home owner saw us and invited us inside.  A bit awkward, but we loved the floorplan and it had everything we’d pretty much ever wanted in a house rolled into one. The timing was horrible (as far as we were about to have a baby and didn’t even have our house on the market!), but the homeowners were moving to Florida and in a bind themselves! Being cute and “extremely pregnant” worked to our advantage because the previous owners really wanted a nice family to buy the house they had loved, so we struck an early rental agreement to keep the house and we moved in about 3 weeks after Abbi was born while our house went up on the market.  We’ve had a ton of showings so hopefully we’ll just have one house soon.  We all love the new house and the extra space (4,100 sq feet versus 2,200 and one full acre versus .07 of an acre!!) and Lilli is SO proud of her new room and her very own bathroom.  I love her having her own bathroom, too!! The house is really something we can all spread out in and grow into and really fits our lifestyle so much better, and is a lot closer to the things we need as a family (like Publix, Target and restaurants!!).  I’m still taking her in and out for preschool every day, and it’s only a 10 mile commute to downtown and overall the traffic isn’t bad at all.  It really only takes me about 5-10 more minutes than before because we are really close to the interstate now.  Overall it’s been a great thing for us and we are really going to enjoy this house!!

Abbi is still a sweet little baby.  She was going through her one month growth spurt earlier this week and was a bit of a bear right as Brent was going back to work, but she came out of it on Tuesday and has been sweet and started smiling at us afterwards.  I asked Brent to whip up a quick comparison photograph for me, and here is Abbi on the left and Lilli on the right, both at one month old.  We didn’t have great pictures at one month for Lilli straight on, but I’m sure we’ll do some more comparisons soon.  I think they really look so much alike, especially expressions, and I’m not sure this picture captures it.  Lilli also had a lot more hair,and it was a lot darker than Abbi.  And of course Abbi has her little “stork mark” birthmarks on her forehead.  They both have my lips, but you can’t quite tell here since Lilli was half smiling.  We’ll find some better pictures as time goes by.








It has been nice getting back into a routine of sorts this week with Brent back at work.  Fortunately this has coincided with Abbi nearly sleeping through the night.  Twice she’s slept from about 11/12 until 6:30 which is great for me.  At that point I just get up and start getting everyone ready to drop Lilli off.  Lilli was right at 6 weeks old when she started sleeping through the night (10 pm – 6) so I have high hopes for Abbi! And mostly I am just thankful to have two kids who appear to be great sleepers in the making! Considering how much smaller Abbi is I was worried it might be a really long time before she could go that long without eating, but so far she’s doing great and even when she does wake up to eat around 4:30/5 it could be a lot worse!









And Lilli is loving being a big sister.  It would be nice if she could love it about 10% less and give her sister some space to breathe at times, but that’s better than being jealous or resentful of the attention we have to give the baby at times.









So maybe I will find some time over the next few weeks to finally get caught up here!! Being still moving, trying to catch up on post-baby rest and generally taking care of a baby I rarely get anything done during the day but I really do want to get caught up in the near future!  Besides just getting back into normal work routines we’re already getting back into our normal social routine of birthday parties on the weekends (last weekend one of Lilli’s school buddies and this weekend one of our good friends) so there’s lots of things going on to document between baby, Lilli, and new house!!


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