As Said By Lilli

We went to Ella’s party today in Hendersonville, which was probably about a 35-40 minute drive each way for us from the new house – so that made for a LOT of conversation time for Lilli in the car.  While we are of course very thankful she’s healthy and so smart, sometimes we think how nice a little quiet might be…..

Some of my favorite quotes from today are:

“Abbi’s brains must be tired a lot”  (in reference to why she sleeps so much).

We used the GPS to find the way to the party since it was somewhere we’d never been before.  Lilli has really never noticed it before but it became a good tool about maps and roads.  She noticed the blue (for rivers/lakes) and this started an entire conversation about the ocean.

“I want us all to jump in the toilet and ride down to the ocean.  Is it pee and poop we swim in at the ocean?”.  Eww, um no.

Lilli: “I want to walk on the water at the ocean.”

Us:  “Do you know who can walk on the water?”

Lilli: “Bugs can.”

Us: “Well, yes, but Jesus can.”

Lilli: “No, I don’t think so.  Well, he is kind of magic so maybe he can.”


There is never, ever a dull or quiet moment in our car.

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