Boats, Doors and Friends

From January 11-12th, our last weekend before Abbi was born!

That weekend was the annual boat show at the convention center.  I can’t stand the boat show, and it ties back to the year I spent in public accounting.  In PA you’re expected to work every weekend from January – April, regardless of whether or not you really have anything to do.  I’d only been there about two weeks on the particular Saturday of the boat show, and I remember all my coworkers heading over for a couple of hours in the afternoon when all I really wanted to do was go home and hang out with my brand new husband! That pretty much sums up Public Accounting – a bunch of people with messed up priorities.  Anyway, Lilli wanted to go to the boat show SO bad, and it didn’t help that the three year old class got to go on a field trip as part of their learning session on Boats.  We’ve promised her next year we’ll go, and she really does STILL ask when the boat show is again.  I really think in her head it’s a lot more exciting than it is.

She definitely did a lot of pouting about it….









We didn’t have time to go because we were busy making some last minute updates to the house, since at this point we had an accepted offer on the new house and had just had the inspection done on it.  One of the things we needed to do was replace the cracked upstairs window.  And ordering windows (special order) is done in the area with Doors.  This is when she discovered doors and every time we got to Lowes/Home Depot she wants to look at Doors now.  Mostly because of all the opening and closing and touching.  I sent this picture to my brother since he owns a door company.  I guess if his kids have no interest in continuing the company Lilli is a back-up.  In the new house she’s learned to lock all the doors – and locked Brent in the back yard this afternoon.  This should be fun….










While we were packing we came across my baby book and looked for a picture of me at the same age as Lilli.  This is the only one in the whole book (I guess when you’re the third child one picture per year must be ok….).  We decided she does look a fair amount like me, but there’s definitely a lot of Brent in her, too.










One of the projects Brent did that afternoon is replace the back door threshold, with a little help (of course).











That night we went over to Serif’s house for pizza and play time.  I had completely forgotten until I looked at these pictures that Lilli wore her too small pajamas.  That’s just the wall you hit 5 days before you have a baby and thank goodness for good friends who could care less! I think it’s even possible I wore PJs, or at the least something that at that point was way too tight and small.   Their favorite thing to do is jump off an ottoman onto a bean bag.










No one has had to go to the hospital….yet.










Time for me to get some shut eye – apparently 6 months ago I thought a dentist appointment for Lilli at 8 am with a newborn would be a good idea.   Thank goodness Lilli LOVES the dentist – primarily because you get to pick a movie to watch while your teeth get cleaned with fun animal toothbrushes – but whatever it takes!!


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