Final Preparations….

From January 13th – 17th – the last days before Abbi officially joined us!

Those last few days before Abbi was born were an absolute blur – mostly because we had just put an offer in on a house!!

Three days before she was born we had our inspection.  We were really nervous something might come back poorly and cause us to walk away, but it came back in fantastic shape.  The inspector was insanely thorough – 75 pages on the house and he literally looked at everything and gave it two thumbs up (but still wrote up quite a few minor things that needed to be repaired/make us aware of.)

Here’s a front view from the street – we’ve been living here about two weeks now and just LOVE it.  It’s so private, spacious, and we just love the layout and neighborhood.  We’re close to everything but not right up in it, and there’s space for everyone to have some quiet time here.  We really got everything on our wish list – large fenced yard (an acre), good size garage (2 car oversized), 4 beds, 4.5 baths, huge rec/playroom and sunroom!










Driveway view – Lilli has a blast riding her bike up and down the driveway on her own, while I can still be outside with Abbi in a lawnchair and keep an eye on her.










Backyard view from the back corner – it a very wide lot, and still pretty deep.   There’s plenty of room to play in both the front and the back! We plan to build a nice playhouse in the back, and eventually maybe a pool (hint, hint).










In those last few days I tried to get a little extra rest.  Pippin was totally on board with that….









Our house wasn’t officially on the market but we had a few early showings to other agents or interest clients of our agent.  Everyone pitched in to keep the place clean…










I said Good-bye to work for a little while….I definitely miss my great downtown view from my office window and all the fun people I work with.  Time is already flying back and I’ll be back there in about 9 more weeks on May 2nd….










We took off one day before Abbi was born.  We spent that Thursday doing a few last minute errands.  We ran to Target to get a few baby items and also stock up on things for the following weeks (like Valentines presents for the girls and for Lilli’s class at school).  We stopped for lunch at Pf Changs and said “Table for 3” one final time.  Lilli did fantastic with her chop sticks!











And then before we knew it a couple of hours later the family all arrived for Abbi’s big day.  The night before Lilli was born Brent and I happened to eat Mexican at one of the dirtiest, worst places in town – so Mexican became our birthday eve tradition with her.   Since Abbi’s birthday was planned we got to pick one of our favorite restaurants to eat at – Mirko.  So Italian food will be our birthday tradition with her! Much better.









Up next – Abigail’s birth story – certainly not the story we imagined we’d write, but thankful it all worked out ok!

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