First Day Home

From January 22-

We actually had a great night of sleep with Abbi on her first night home.  Our first night home with Lilli  had been terrible, but I think we knocked that out of the way in the hospital with Abbi.  She woke up once, and really that’s all she’s ever woken up since we were home with her.  In those early days she usually woke up between 2-4 am, which isn’t too bad, and would go back to sleep until Lilli started getting up around 7-7:30.  I can not complain about that!

Of course Big Sis was really excited to help feed her.  She doesn’t ask to feed her much, I think she doesn’t like having to get her burped and things like that, but she does hold her every morning while I get ready.










We’ve tried to keep Lilli’s schedule as normal as possible so she doesn’t get jealous or frustrated with the amount of attention a baby can sometimes need.  For the most part that’s gone pretty well.  So, on that first day we took her to school like usual (which gave us some MUCH needed rest and quiet at home).  And she’s mostly been going to school every day, we have one “stay at home day” every week where she gets to pick what we do (pajamas, pet store, this week she wants to go to the Science Center).  Her days have been shorter since I usually drop her off between 9-9:30 and pick her up around 3:30, but she needs the playtime and interaction with friends, and they learn so much.


After several days off with the grandparents she was ready to get back to school and show her friends a picture of her new baby.  I like this one Brent took of them in the elevator heading up to class!











They were having group time when they got there and Lilli got to march up and share her picture with the class.  (That’s one of her teachers, Mr Anthony, he is so much fun with the kids!!)










She was also very proud of her sign – anytime there’s a new big brother or sister they get a big sign on the outside door leading into the center.  She got to pick what colors she wanted on her sign, and she has it in her room now at home.











While Lilli was at school, Abbi and I had some relaxing time catching up on The Bachelor.  Hopefully sometime today we’ll have some relaxation time and watch the big finale!











Later that afternoon Brent tried to do some pictures but she wasn’t having it, so he put her in some of her Newborn clothes.  When we came home from the hospital she was only 5 pounds 11 ounces – and her tiny NB clothes swallowed her up!!











It was like a scene out of the Biggest Loser!! This little onesie came to her knees! It fits her pretty well now, at 7.5 weeks.  Crazy little thing! Right now she’s at 9 lbs 4 ounces, the size of some newborns!











Brent took Lilli to ballet class that afternoon….










They are awfully cute, but Lilli is more excited to start gymnastics in May when ballet ends…










The scene around our house….lots of pink and tulle….











Also the scene around our house a lot…..big sis hanging onto little sis….










It was SO good to finally be home!

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