Going Home

Our first night with Miss Abigail was not the best.  Naturally when we were finally going to settle in for some sleep she started to settle in with some big fuss (kind of a life trend for her actually….).  And babies fuss a lot and certainly have their nights and days mixed up, but what made it more annoying and stressful was having all these NICU nurses constantly checking on us while we’re trying to get it all settled out and decide what she needed.  We had calls and visits all throughout the night as they had to take her back and forth and keep doing blood tests on her to make sure she wasn’t getting jaundiced and that everything was still looking good, eating, peeing and pooping.  It was a LONG night and made us even happier to be heading home the next day.  Or that day.












She kept cracking us up pulling her hat over her head.  One of the things we had to constantly do was take her temperature using the world’s slowest thermometer in her arm pit.  This didn’t make any of us happy, and since her temp was always a little low they made us keep her especially bundled up and wear two shirts.












My doctor, Dr Bourne, stopped by to release me pretty early that morning around 9 or 10 o clock.    He is Jamaican and pretty much hilarious.  He was rooting for us to go there for our familymoon, but unfortunately for us (and fortunately for Lilli) DisneyWorld won out.











And then we waited and waited and waited some more for Abbi to be released.  Everything was fine, all we had to do was wait and wait and wait for the paperwork to be handled.  And luckily for us we had the only NICU nurse we didn’t care much for assigned to us that day.  She is literally one of the slowest moving humans we had ever met (which is why we didn’t like her all that much earlier in the weekend!) and it was nearly 3 pm before we got to leave.    After everything we’d been through all weekend, we abandoned cute going home outfits and fan fair for the “double outfit” they had made us keep on her for extra warmth.  At that point, we were just ready to leave the hospital and head home for some peace and quiet without a million people around!












Of course when we got home Lilli was excited to see us (well, her sister).  And ever since then she’s been excited about her sister every waking minute of her day!! It’s not rare to see her little face in the middle of diaper changes or anything else Abbi is doing.  She just loves her, a LOT.











Of course Brent had to start his collection of crying pictures….












And Lilli immediately wanted to start having her play with all her toys….











Pippin just wanted to show her how to take a proper nap (me too….)










But mostly we were just glad to all be home together!!!



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