Lilli Turns 4!

On January 24th, it was finally Lilli’s “real” birthday.  We had done all of her celebrating a few weeks earlier, so it was a bit anti-climatic but I think she had a nice day.  I am SO glad we did her party early rather than late, that’s probably one of the smartest things I have ever done!

That morning when she woke up “the birthday fairy” had visited and decorated her room with balloons and streamers.












It really wasn’t all that fun of a day for her.  We had our first outing as a family of 4 – to the pediatrician for Abbi’s first check-up.  Everything checked out great for her and she was already up to her birth weight, just 6 days afterwards!













From there we headed over to the Green Hills Kroger for some special diaper cream for Abbi (that girl had a RAGING diaper rash already!! Thankfully the doctor’s recommendation got it under control within a day).  While we were there we let Lilli pick out something special for her birthday.  I was thinking candy, she was thinking this giant pink unicorn.  And of course guilt that her birthday was a bit boring by prior year’s comparisons sank in and we came home with this huge stuffed animal.












We also let her pick out whatever cake she wanted, which led to one with pink icing that she took one bite of and we ended up throwing it away since we had so much food coming in from people.













Blowing out her 4 candles.  I can’t believe she’s already 4!!













That night our friends the Steeles brought us dinner and Hank came along to play with his friend “Millie”.  She changed outfits about 4 times while he was there and when he got home he told his mom he just loves how “sparkly” everything she wears is.  Hilarious.  He also told her he loved her while they were there, and Lilli has told me he “just loves her”.  He is pretty sweet on her – at church the other day as soon as he saw her he just ran up and gave her a huge hug while she rolled her eyes.  She eats it up.












That afternoon she had also tagged along with me to a follow up appointment at my doctor and afterwards she picked out a movie from Redbox.  She ended up picking one of the Ice Age movies that I’m pretty sure we had already seen, but there really wasn’t anything new out there.


We also made cupcakes that night for her school party the following day.  They don’t like for you to bring sweets, but considering we had a 6 day old kiddo we didn’t have time to do something elaborate, so the activity part was that the kids all got to decorate themselves with sprinkles and icing.  (They prefer you bring something all the kids can make together, like pancakes or fruit salad.)











And to make her day a little more special, once I packed her lunch that night I wrapped each part in gift wrap to make it a little more fun.










So, her birthday paled a bit in comparison to prior years, but I think she was certainly happy and had a fun day!

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