Photoshoots and Funny Faces

From January 23rd….

Those first few days typically started out the same way – with Lilli wanting to help with Abbi before heading out to school.  Of course cartoons are a bit more interesting than actually paying attention to feeding your little baby sister…..









Our church secretary had asked us to email her a picture of Abbi for that Sunday’s bulletin.  It was just so cold that we felt bad stripping her little self down for a photoshoot, so we took some head shots, but also a few others for us.










She didn’t wear this particular bow again until this past Sunday.  We had to tie it in a knot in the back for these pictures so it wouldn’t slide down.  And we were in such a rush Sunday Brent didn’t adjust it for all her head growth the past 7 weeks.  Poor girl had some major dents on her head…..


















This is the one we ended up sending out.  We still need to work on her birth announcement…..sometime before she turns one.









Lilli loves to draw and each child has their own journal in the classroom for their drawings.  On this day, Brent caught her drawing a family picture.  I love that baby is so tiny compared to everyone else.  She has some great drawings and has made several lately of our new house and of the people buying our old house that we just love.










Of course once she’s home no one else gets a chance to hold the baby….I’m not sure touching her nose and little eyes are ever going to get old.











She said this is what Abbi was doing – I find that a little hard to believe……











Can you blame her for putting her face shield up….











Later that night we gave Abbi her first “sponge” bath (since her cord was still on).  She and Lilli are similar in a lot of ways but also very different.   Lilli hated being bathed so much that we actually documented on here the first time she took a bath without crying.   Abbi’s first bath went absolutely great – and every bath since then.  She just takes it all in like an afternoon at the spa, and doesn’t get upset until you pull her out of the warm water.  Also unlike her sister, she really doesn’t mind having her diaper changed and just loves to kick and play on the changing table.  I’m sure these will be just some of the first “dis”-similarities they have, but we are for sure thankful not to have a screaming little baby in the tubbie!


Can you believe she was roughly the size of a washcloth in those first few days???










And my hand looks enormous!! I think a lot of that is the angle though.

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