Celebrating 4 at school….

From January 25th….

Back on the 25th the little one and I hung out at home while Brent headed up to Lilli’s school for her class party for the big “4”.

We celebrated because we finally found a little outfit that actually fit Abbi!! She was just so petite that even newborn size clothes swallowed her up, but this little NB outfit someone had given us actually fit her and didn’t swallow her up!














Big sis always makes sure she has toys on hand, for all that playing she does.










Sweet little hands!











For Lilli’s party we just made cupcakes the night before and bought a bunch of sprinkles and icing for the kids to decorate as they like.  They prefer the treats to be not sweet, but since we were having a busy week (having a baby and all…) we got to be an exception.  All the kids sang to her and they also go around the room and say what they like about her.  It ranged from “that she can run so fast”, to just being nice or “not mean”, to even getting an “I Love You” from a little boy.  Hilarious.  They all also made her a card and each signed it.









Amelia’s face cracks me up.  Apparently the icing/sprinkle anticipation was too exciting!











She has so much fun with all these kiddos and even at home pretends like they’re calling her and last night a few of them even “called” Abbi.  It’s a great school and it’s nice to know she and Abbi (will) be in such good hands!










Garrett and his chocolate mustache cracked me up!










Mr Anthony took a picture of Lilli and Brent.  We laughed that it was “the man show” that day because the other teacher had just gotten married, and since the class size was small that week before they promoted some other kids up they didn’t bring in a sub.  So it was just Brent and Mr Anthony running the show and having cupcakes with the kids.  She loves her teachers, and always says “Mr Anthony is the best”.  Every time I pick her up he’s actively playing with the kids in the floor, helping them build things and teaching them about science.  It’s really started her with a big interest in all things “science” related and she loves when we do something science-y at home.










As much as I hated missing her party, there was no way we were taking Abbi in there at just a week old and exposing her to germs.  But Brent took great pictures for me as well as video and I know Lilli loved having him there with her!

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