Cleaning Up

From February 5-7th

The next week involved a lot of things like this:











Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  I’m pretty sure with a little TLC this (new) house would have sold for a lot more/faster, which is fine with us because it’s perfect for us and we’re happy they didn’t clean it up (kind of).  Originally we thought the carpets would need to be replaced pretty quickly, but steam cleaning all the rooms with carpet made a massive difference in both smell of the house and how they looked.  Practically every stain came up, and while the carpets are still a pretty cheap grade they are definitely liveable for a good while.


For Brent, a lot of painting was involved….turning Lilli’s new room from a really bright yellow into a pink and gray room….







Of course there was still ballet….











And both girls had doctor visits.  Lilli’s 4 year well visit and Abbi’s 2 week well visit.











That Wednesday was the first full day our house was on the market and we had showings every hour from 11 am until 8 pm.  Crazy.  I’m so glad we had the new house to hang out most of the day until we could go home, otherwise I don’t have a clue what we would have done with a baby and dog all day, and a 4 year old for most of the evening!  We enjoyed using a Pizza Hut gift card we were given by a friend who doesn’t cook that evening and have a picnic at the new house.











We finally ended up renting a larger steam cleaner for the carpets to make it go faster.  Steaming was probably a great way to start burning all those baby calories!!











Her class has been working on making masks as one of their art projects….










We still had good friends bringing us dinner every night or every other night.  I miss that!!!  On this night Ella and Emma were playing with Lilli while we visited with Julie…






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