Three Weeks Old & House Painting

From February 8th-12th….

Abbi turned three weeks old so we took her pictures and added some of her fun headbands, none of which she likes to wear yet!


















A lot of painting went on at the new house.  We wanted the girls rooms and laundry room painted before we moved in.  The rest of the house is a neutral brown color which is fine, but we’ll eventually over time paint to add color everywhere else, too.   Lilli wanted to help paint so Brent put her to work a little in Abbi’s new room.











We even put my Dad to work.










But he did take a break to give Lilli a ride around the yard in our new mower.  Since the new house is on an acre we needed something bigger than our push mower so we wrote leaving the mower into the contract for the home.


















She really wanted to roll some paint, so we let her loose in the laundry room.  It entertained her for fives of minutes and then I ended up painting the laundry room.











Progress on Lilli’s room.  Her old room was pink and brown which is so overdone now for little girls, so we went pink and gray this time (she wanted pink).   She also wanted a tree again, so instead of doing the same Pottery Barn inspired one we did last time we went a slightly different route this time.  Brent did add leaves later, so this isn’t complete.










For Abbi’s room I had always wanted to do something chevron inspired.  We already had chevron sheets and accents from Pottery Barn that we were using in the old house, but in the new house we wanted to add some painted chevron accents.  So Brent got to taping….










And taping and taping and taping.  Lots of measuring and precision to do this.  (This is just the in progress, it looks great now!)










And someone was getting very excited to move!!






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