Moving Day/Valentines 2013

From February 13th-14th…..

We decided to move on Valentines Day, that gave us enough time to get most of the painting and cleaning we wanted to do finished, and got us moved while Brent was still on paternity leave with a couple of day afterwards to settle in.  We were just moving our essential things – clothes, food, cooking stuff, etc in order to leave our house staged and looking nice.  Luckily Lilli’s bunk beds could be split up so there was one bed left for her room to be staged and one bed to move.  Abbi was still in her pack n play, and Brent and I bought an air mattress to sleep on.  Our mattress is at least 14 years old and we plan to get a new one really soon, so sleeping on an air mattress was probably just as comfortable.

We made sure to pack all our favorite things.











Amidst all the packing we had to do Valentines for Lilli’s classmates.  She picked “Brave” cards for this year.  She loves the story of Merida and the “mean” and “nice” bears.    She hand wrote all of her classmates names and we gave each one a piece of candy to go with it.  Nothing fancy this year, but I did make her sandwich into a heart shape with cookie cutters.










On Valentines morning there were a couple of little books for each of the girls and some candy for Lilli.  Wisely I did all our Valentines shopping right before Abbi was born.









We took a few pictures of Abbi in her Valentines outfit, a hand-me-down of Lilli’s so we could compare them to Lilli on the same day (which we haven’t done yet….)



























Naturally we had to block the street off for the trailer Brent’s parents were bringing.  With it being Valentines parents were at the school all day long for parties and parking is such a pain.  I don’t miss that AT ALL.  Nothing beats wanting to pull in front of your house and having no place to do so.  Especially when you’re juggling kids/groceries/packages.  Thank goodness we had a garage, but there’s a lot of times you just plain want to park in front of your own house!










With the help of my parents and Brent’s parents we were able to get all the essentials in.  Poor Pippin has yet to let me out of his sight.  Everywhere I go he has an eye on me and I’ve tripped over him countless times waiting outside the bathroom.  Between new baby and new house he is just a mess.











While I went to pick up Lilli the grandmothers got her bedroom ready for her.  She absolutely loves her new room and tree, and especially her own bathroom and walk in closet.  She just really loves the new house and her more special space (and we do too!)










While we really didn’t celebrate Valentines (or have the time/energy to do so) Brent did surprise us each with a box of chocolates.  I don’t know when he had the time to do so, but us girls were very happy!










Pippin was also very happy when he discovered her box in her open closet, in the floor.  He ate about half the box and I replaced it with some of mine to keep peace in the house.  That dog……..

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