Happy Birthday Brayden!

Back on February 16th, after our visit from Ella Kate, we headed to Brayden’s birthday party.

Brayden is a school buddy of Lilli’s and he wanted to celebrate his birthday at Shipwrecked Playhouse again.  We had her draw him a card before we went.  The new office looked so much better before we finished moving in and started really using it!!!










She told Brent what she wanted the card to say and he wrote it out for her so she could see what letters she needed to do herself.










She wanted it to say “Happy Birthday Brayden.  I Hug Love You.”  He is on the list of her !five! boyfriends she says she has!










She had a great time playing there and we had fun visiting with the other parents.  We kept Abbi out in the main lobby area in her carrier to avoid all these little germs, so not too many pictures from us of the party.









Singing to the birthday boy….









The ball pit was “the” place to be all night…











Afterwards we had dinner at Qdoba.  Their kids burrito is ridiculously huge.  Insane.










Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Brayden!!

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