From February 17th-22nd….

This is the week that Brent went back to work after having a month off after Abbi was born.  It stank that we spent the whole time getting the old house ready to sell and the new one ready to move in, but it worked out well because I don’t have a clue how we would have had enough time to get that many things knocked out otherwise.

The night before his return to work we made homemade pizza.  We bought the dough at Publix, so all we really had to do was roll it out and top it.  That was still plenty of reason for Lilli to get covered in flour like we made the whole thing from scratch….











I definitely miss my old high end appliances, but this kitchen will certainly do until we decide how to upgrade it and add more storage.  At the very least we’ll eventually trade out the appliances for gas and convection.  I really, really miss that!!  It’s not like we have time for fancy cooking right now anyway!











The artist and her creation….











Covered in flour…and then she got me covered in it too….










We love our big, “long” driveway.  On nice afternoons she can ride up and down and I can stand outside and watch.  And sometimes she can just play in the yard and I can do stroller laps with Abbi to calm her down.  It’s awesome.  Brent is way into the measurements right now and our new driveway is the depth of our entire old lot (house, yard, garage, everything.)  The width of our new lot is the same as the first four houses on our old block.  I do not miss being crammed in with your neighbors, at all.  Actually, I don’t miss East Nashville, at all.  One trip to our Harris Teeter pretty much wipes away all nostalgic feelings.










Abbi’s Chevron wall.  One stripe extends all the way around the room.  When it’s all done and straightened up I’ll do photos of both girls rooms.










There’s a random stray cat that looks so much like Buzz Lightyear that it’s kind of creepy! Some tween girls from across the street came over one afternoon asking if it was our cat.  It has longer hair than Buzz, but they are very similar.  And sometimes it’s sitting on our porch peering inside the sidelights.  He’s friendly and will let you pet it, and I think they’re feeding it across the street.  If we can catch Buzz we might bring him with us, but we haven’t seen him in a while.











Baby in blue jeans, irresistible!!












Lilli drew this picture one day of “the people who would buy our house”.  So cute.  I sent it to the realtor and told her to be on the lookout for this motley crew of rainbow people.











That Friday night we checked out a Mexican restaurant near the new house.  Occasionally Lilli can be daring and ask to try thing and she wanted a lemon.  So, we warned her it was sour and she took a few licks to see if we were right.






















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