Happy Birthday Ella Kate!

Back on February 23rd, we celebrated Ella Kate’s second birthday.  It’s hard to believe she’s already two, and it seems like just the other day we were celebrating her first birthday!

They had her party at a church teen center up in Hendersonville near their house.  It was a nice open space for the kiddos and Julia had activities set up in different spots all around the room.

Lilli jumped right into the “fishing” pond where you could catch fish with magnets.  Afterwards she said that was her favorite of the different centers.



IMG_0919 1







Doing a little fishing with the birthday girl….



IMG_0922 1







Making a birthday cake craft….that once again we forgot and left at the party as her paint was drying.



IMG_0929 1








After lunch it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl…



IMG_0935 1








After the singing Kate (on the right) took Lilli’s hand and led her back to decorate another sugar cookie.  We know them from when we went to Madison Church, but Lilli would have been to young to remember Kate since she was pretty young when we were there.  At first Lilli wasn’t sure what her angle was, but they became fast buddies over sprinkles.  Total sprinkle kindred spirits.



IMG_0944 1







Afterwards Lilli told me her favorite thing about the whole party was “that girl who wanted to be my best friend.  But Katherine and Amelia are my best friends.” HA!



IMG_0942 1







Opening presents…



IMG_0954 1







Opening presents only kept her attention for a few short minutes, then she decided she wanted to run with the big boys.  She loves older boys and their wild games, and at one point we looked over and she was just kicking these boys in the chest as part of whatever game they were playing.  I’m sure it was like a mosquito buzzing on them, but at one point she got a little knocked around and came crying.  She quickly got over it and their new game became what we came “feats of strength”.  For some reason they were just picking up chairs.  Go figure, but I’m impressed she got it off the ground.



IMG_0959 1







Before we left we had Lilli sign Ella’s picture mat.  I just love how as they get older the kiddos can sign them, and this time she signed for her and Abbi!




IMG_0961 1







Of course I just realized there are no pictures of Abbi here, but she spent most of the party asleep in her carrier and just woke up for a bottle! But she was there, only five weeks old and already her second birthday party to attend.  Busy girls!!


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