The Park & Jesus

These pics are from the afternoon of February 23rd.  We had been to Ella Kate’s birthday party that morning (pics to come….) and later that afternoon we got Chic Fil A and headed to Granny White Park for a picnic and playtime.  It was somewhat of a nicer day in this cold winter we’ve had, but still a bit chilly.  Brent brought the nice camera and we did some pictures.  Since there’s not a lot to say about family pics in the park, I thought I’d share some of the very interesting things Lilli has had to say about Jesus lately that I don’t want to forget.










With it being the Easter season, we’ve gotten out our Easter books and been reading lots of things about Jesus recently.  Actually all of our Easter books are things from Lifeway and I don’t have any bunny-type books, so most of what she knows about Easter is church related.  At the ripe age of 4, she has questions about EVERYTHING.   One day I may just count how many times she says “Why” in any given day.  She is a little sponge examining and exploring absolutely everything until she’s satisfied with the answer.









She also has lots of questions about death and heaven after reading a lot of these stories about the meaning of Easter and its origin.  It doesn’t help that last Saturday when she and I were home alone and Brent was over at the old house with a buddy all day finishing up the move that Up came on the Disney channel.  (We have majorly limited cable right now as part of the move, it’s cheaper than having nothing like we did before.) At the beginning of the movie they show a quick history of the main couple and the wife dies and Lilli had lots and lots of questions about that, so we had to start talking about when you’re old you go to heaven and you’re with Jesus.











When you roll that movie together with all the Easter stories and moving, she’s become very concerned about when she’s going and what she’s taking with her.  Saturday night as we were reading stories before bed she had a lot to ask about.  First of all, she wanted to know when she would be going to heaven and how much bigger she’d have to be, and if Daddy and I and Abbi would be going with her.  Then she wanted to know if when we all go to heaven, if the people who buy our new house would get to keep all our stuff or if we would take it with us to another new house.  I told her we would just leave everything and we’d have all new stuff in heaven, and she wouldn’t miss it at all.  That concerned her deeply and she wanted to know if she could just take her bunk beds with her and leave everything else.











She hasn’t mentioned a whole lot about it since then, but when I picked her up from Wednesday night class last night, one of her teachers told me that she had told them when she’s bigger she’s going to heaven to be with Jesus.  Then they looked at each other and laughed, so I probably don’t want to know what else was said.











I thought maybe they had talked about Easter in their class, but when I looked at her sheet they were actually talking about the birth of Christ.  I guess Lilli just needed to steer the conversation to something more time sensitive.











It even continued on the way home, the moon last night was full and pretty with a cast of orange to it.  She wanted to know what side of the moon Jesus was on, and told us when he flies down to get her and take her back it’s so far that her arms are going to get very tired before they get there.  Maybe there’s been a bit too much Peter Pan/Jake and the Never-land Pirates, too.










She is definitely a mess, that’s for sure.









Abbi was about five weeks old in these pictures.  She has grown so much in the almost five weeks since!










Early smiles….











She wanted us to take this stick to her friend Serif since he also loves sticks.  We just took a pictures instead.


















































She could have played on the playground all night but it was definitely getting chilly and time to head home.  We have a lot of parks and greenways out here so we’ll definitely be spending a lot of time this summer checking out all our new parks and playgrounds, although it will be hard to beat just walking across the street to your own private playground like we used to do!





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