First Trip to Church & Music Time

On February 24th at five weeks old we got Abbi out for her first visit to church.  This flu/cold/strep season has been absolutely awful, and we were even hesitant to take her then but we were ready to really get back into real life and all get out of the house together for things other than eating and birthday parties.

She was wearing a cute little purple monkey jumper dress someone had given us as a baby gift, and Lilli was wearing a brown corduroy dress with a monkey on it.    They weren’t the same brand and didn’t match, but it was still a cute and complimentary look.  Of course we were running about 10 minutes late so we didn’t get any pictures….











They had Brent stand up with her as the “newest” member, and afterwards he got mobbed by people as I was in Kid’s Sing with Lilli at that point.  And Abbi got her stuffed teddy with her name and birthdate on the back from one of the older ladies.  They also gave Lilli one that says Big Sister on the back.












After church we swung by Wendy’s for some lunch because there was a showing for our house from 11-12 booked.  We waited until 12:30 to stop in there and grab a few things and check everything out, and about 2 minutes after I started feeding Abbi we heard a knock on the door and someone start letting themselves in.  Huh? Brent ran to the door and a realtor was there with some people.  She seemed surprised to see him, which is rather ironic.  She informed him she had an appointment (rather snootingly) and he informed her that appointment expired thirty minutes prior but they could still look at the house if they wanted to.  She threw back a little “oh the joys of showing your house” snide remark and breezed on in, while we all headed out to the front porch, screaming baby and grouchy preschooler in tow –  while Lilli loudly complained she didn’t want to play in this yard because it’s so tiny compared to her new house.  The people looking at the house were from California and the realtor was an absolute idiot – she came outside once and asked me (as I was feeding Abbi….) if we had modern HVAC or used the coal registers in the floor.  Are you kidding me?? For one, the air vents and giant unit in the yard should have clued her in, but this woman knew nothing about East Nashville or historic homes.  We quickly learned in this process how important and crucial it was having a realtor who is super familiar with East Nashville was to getting us top dollar and dealing with all these little people who wanted to buy hip and trendy old homes in the neighborhood but really didn’t know what all that meant!

So while I was feeding Abbi, on the chilly porch, I could tell she was pooping which just added to the awesomeness.  What I didn’t know was that it was going EVERYWHERE until right when they left and Brent informed me it was all down my dress.  For Pete’s sake.











Oh yeah, poop was everywhere.  I think we used every wipe I had in my bag.  How can something so little be so destructive??? So, we didn’t get any good pictures of her dressed up for her first time to church, or of them together in their monkey dresses.  That’s just life with two girls, a baby, and trying to sell your house in the middle of it all.  It’s been exhausting.











Later that afternoon we took her on her first stroller ride around the neighborhood.










Lilli loves walking around picking up rocks and sprinting across the big new front yard.










That evening Brent got out some of his instruments and let her play.  They had been studying music at school and had just been to a special symphony performance for a field trip.

























Contemplating something….like pooping all over the place…..










Sweet sisters…..





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