From February 25th – March 1st…..


Our house has looked like this A LOT lately.  Lilli is awful about taking a box and just dumping it out to see what all was in it –  of course this always happens when I am most preoccupied with Abbi.  Thankfully at this point now that we have all our furniture here I unpacked her room and all her toys first and have her space all organized because she was about to kill me with the messes.  And I’m close to done with Abbi’s room too, just a few more boxes to go and both of their rooms will be nice.  Lilli’s room is really the only one with artwork hung, but there’s still some other pieces of hers we need to find a space for.  There are still some of her things missing – like Play Doh and whatever was packed with it, and some specific books I know I haven’t seen, but I’m sure they’ll be uncovered soon, somewhere.










That week we went back to my doctor for my final post-delivery appointment and I got the all clear to resume normal life.  Unfortunately with all the move and having two kids to wrangle I still haven’t found much time to exercise yet, but I did hit the Y one night this week while Lilli was in swim class and the nursery there is fantastic so I’ll be dropping Abbi off there a lot more!  They even have Parents Night Out on Fridays and since Lilli threw a fit that she didn’t get to play I think that sounds like a fantastic option for us.

Lilli was most excited that I could now pick her up again – she had been praying “for Mommy’s tummy to feel all better so she can pick me up” for a while.











She loves to “swim” in the tub and has been floating around and going “under” so we finally got her signed up for swim classes and she started yesterday.  This session is at the Y near us (we have two nice Ys within 3 miles each of our house, woo hoo!!) and will last for three weeks, twice per week.  She loved it and threw a fit when class was over and I had to pick her up and literally carry her out kicking and screaming.  Her teacher said she did great and was fearless in the water.  Hopefully by the end of this she’ll have some basic movements down, but I may also sign her up for the month of May depending on how she progresses.











That Friday night we went to Schlotskys for dinner.  It’s been about a 100 years since we ate at one of those and it was really delicious and not at all crowded.  We’re big fans of places like that that are better than fast food but not as expensive as sit-down meals.  Despite Lilli’s excitement here she enjoyed it as well.











The most annoying thing about them was their misuse of grammar and spelling to be part of their “theme”.  When you have a curious 4-yr old who is trying to learn to read, explaining that signs say “Who Dat” just doesn’t make much sense.











Afterwards we went to Old Navy so I could buy a pair of “fat jeans”.  Maternity wasn’t fitting right and neither were any of my jeans so I just needed a pair of big pants to start working my way downward in.  Always so frustrating to be in-between.











Lilli spent the entire time watching them dress the mannequins, or “big dolls” as she called them.  They got so amused by her they went and made her a balloon.











Of course she told them “we never come here”.










The biggest thing going on around here is that at 2 pm tomorrow we close on the houses!! At this point we’ve made all the changes we are willing to make and we’re thinking everything is going to go through just fine.  Of course at 2:01 we will feel better about everything and definitely look forward to celebrating this weekend by only taking care of one house and getting to spend time together since Brent has spent a lot of time away from us girlies the last few weeks moving and making minor home repairs.   We went over for one more correction before church tonight and to say good-bye to the house – as we pulled up Lilli said “Good-bye old house.  Can I just stay in the car and watch my DVD?”.  Sentimental, that one.  But I think we’re all not really feeling nostalgic because we’re all much happier in the new, bigger house with all our new-found personal space!


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