Snow Day!

On March 2nd, we had a tiny bit of snow.  This has been the weirdest winter with late snows and it just being cold all the time, not really a fun winter to be off for maternity leave, at all.  That day was a total contrast to today’s gorgeous weather that was fun to celebrate as our first official day of owning this house!!

We woke up that Saturday to just a bit of a dusting, and since temps were close to freezing it wasn’t lasting long.  It flurried all day but never would stick.



IMG_1324 1







Lilli was excited to play in it, so she suited up and we hit the deck.  Of course we had left her snow boots at the old house, thinking that by this point we really wouldn’t need them.  Hello Kitty rain boots worked just fine for all this “pile up” of snow we had.









We pretty much scrounged up whatever we could scoop up on the deck and used it for tiny snowballs.









We had promised her we could sled in the yard the night before (since the weather people made it sound pretty certain we would have something).  She didn’t forget that, so Brent pretty much had to pull her around in the mud.  The sled came with the new house, along with some balls and a basketball goal.  The people moving had teens and they didn’t need those items anymore, so the kids “voted” and decided to leave it for Lilli.  So nice!!














Since there wasn’t a lot of real sledding to be done, the game eventually turned into flipping the sled over in the mud as they ran around the front yard.  I’m sure all our new neighbors are excited about the class we’re bringing to the ‘hood.









Pippin prefers to enjoy it from a distance of a few panes of glass.  Abbi preferred to enjoy it with her eyes closed from the swing.









We also installed her new carseat – I ended up getting her a Britax Marathon 85.  After talking with our pediatrician it will be a LONG time before she gets to use a seat that uses the car belts, since she is 10 pounds away from that threshold and only gaining about 2 pounds per year.  So I read reviews on the booster seats with backs and harnesses, and this one came out the best (from safety).  We’ve been happy with our other Britax seats and it really is so cute.  She loves it and loves her two cupholders, that are both already horribly sticky.



IMG_1332 1








Smiles from sister…..



IMG_1348 1








That night we had Serif (and his parents…) over for dinner.  Lilli always loves to see “her prince” and I think this particular night he finally conceded to marry her.  They crack me up – they pretty much always play together in their pajamas.  It’s no wonder she always wants to have him over for a sleepover!!

It’s also almost impossible to even pick them out in this mess of toys…thankfully I’ve gotten that room organized with shelving in the closets for most of the smaller toys and we even added some rugs over there that give it some dimension.



IMG_1350 1








Brownies were devoured by all!



IMG_1358 1








That’s also the day we got the offer on our old house that after some rejecting and countering we finally accepted the following night.

Somehow I think when Brent was asking us to cheese for a picture that we really weren’t his main focus….that dog can sniff out a comfy spot to curl up anywhere!!



IMG_1363 1







So looking forward to a pretty weekend and lots of outdoor time – especially since we’ll all be together at one and only one house!!!

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