We had forgotten to grab pics off my Iphone in a while, and there were a few older ones I found I wanted to upload from February.

For some reason, six months prior I had thought that an 8 am dentist appointment for Lilli at the end of February wouldn’t be a big deal.  I think I got up at 5 am that morning for everyone to get fed, dressed and through rush hour traffic.  And we only ended up 10 minutes late.  Not too shabby, especially since it was pouring rain that day.

She loves the dentist, she still wanted me to come to the back with her, but she did great and didn’t have any new cavities.  The one she had previously gotten filled had cracked a little so they went ahead and fixed that while she was there and she didn’t even notice thanks to the Strawberry Shortcake movie she had picked for her station.











Besides the movies she loves brushing all the animals teeth while we’re there.











The prize she picked from the treasure chest.  Kind of appropriate!!










Most of the other pics from my phone are just me and Abbi hanging out during the day.  A lot of this going on – Pippin hanging with his sis.  He is always nearby, and a stray hand or foot sticking out almost always gets a free lick.










I imagine when you’re that small you have a lot of questions about what that big furry thing is that’s always nearby!!







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