Blue Jeans

From March 3rd….

That particular Sunday we had a bit of a blue jean theme going and I asked Brent to take a few pics of us.  We didn’t get anything outstanding, but we got a few I might get printed.

First we ate some lunch after church – Taco Bell is pretty typical for us! Lilli thought Abbi might need some cheesy roll-up.










She gets in trouble so much for constantly being in her face….but Abbi gives her a lot of smiles when she’s doing it so she must not mind too much.











There’s a lot more pictures of us with Abbi these days than Lilli.  Probably because she can’t run away from the camera and climb a tree.











Pippin wanted to photo-bomb us…..











About as good as it got for the girls….Lilli was being pretty contrary (not unusual….)











We lost the bow for these…they still just don’t quite fit her correctly.  They’re either too tight or fall down in her eyes.











Daddy and baby….(you can see her cute cowboy booties here that used to be Lilli’s)











She did perk up when we asked if she wanted some pictures of her holding her sister.  We’ve got to get some of the sister pictures framed for her room….



























She’s excited that we have a few trees now that are good for climbing and hanging off of.  Her favorite thing to do in the front yard is mess with the trees.  I think every low hanging limb will be gone by the end of summer!











That night at church we had a game night.  Brent and I ended up at the Uno table, while the kids had some fun toys of their own to play with.  It looks like Zach is deep in conversation with Lilli….










I’m going to have to keep my eye out for a toy like this at consignment sales.  It was this fun connector thing with marbles that the smaller kids could have played with forever.










Off to burn a few more calories on this gorgeous day!! I’ve got about 3.5 weeks until I heard back to work and many a pound left to lose (at least 7 lbs, but my summer goal is 20 pounds!!!)

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