Kites and Smiles

Back on March 10th on our way home from church we talked about how windy it was and what a great day it would be to fly a kite! For Lilli’s party presents we gave each kiddo a kite (nothing fancy, just your basic plastic number but I did spring for the tail – what’s the fun of a kite without a tail??) I’m super tired of all the little stuff she brings home from things, so I hoped that at least these kites, cheap as they are, would bring the kiddos who attended her party one afternoon of fun before they disintegrated and were trashed!

Several of our previous kite attempts haven’t gone so great – I guess when you’re little and it’s windy it’s just a bit overwhelming, but this time she really got into and was able to fly it (mostly) on her own and really had a blast.










Our power lines are underground, and our large side yard was perfect for running around without getting it caught in any trees!










We all took turns flying it and running around in the yard chasing it – it was a great afternoon of exercise and enjoying a pretty day in the midst of a super rainy/cold winter and early spring.









The rest of these pics are from March 9th-13th…..


Sometimes little sister gets to enjoy story time, too.  She turns into a massive pumpkin at 8 pm sharp, so typically she doesn’t and the focus is getting her to sleep.  She sleeps great and most nights you don’t hear a peep out of her until around 6:45 – 7:30 am.  We’ll take it.  This was her very first book from the Dolly Parton Imagination library, where all the kiddos in TN get a free book each month until they turn 5.  Such a great program!










She smothers her with love, but it still typically gets a smile….(Abbi was 7 weeks old in these pics).











Smiles for big sis in the hallway at church….










She has the cutest little smile – it almost always includes her tongue sticking out!









So excited for the weekend and a pretty one to spend together!

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