Chuck E.

While I’ve been off on maternity leave (I’m taking 15 weeks off, one week less than the max the state of Tennessee requires my company to hold my job) I’ve let Lilli stay home at least once a week from preschool to have “special days” with just us girlies where she gets to pick what we do that day.  It’s been good practice for me learning how to maneuver with two kids all over the city!  We’re definitely not people who stop going out once we have kids, we just have to leave with more stuff and probably look frazzled everywhere we go!

Some weeks she has just wanted PJ and movie day, sometimes it’s just the pet store to look at animals and eat at Wendy’s, and then sometimes it’s something bigger like Chuck E Cheese or the Science Center.  On March 13th she picked Chuck E Cheese for her special day.

Now we live just about 5 miles (maybe less) from the Cool Springs Chuck E Cheese and it is SO much nicer than we one of the north side of town.  I think we’ll definitely be going more often since it’s so close.  There’s also so much more stuff for kids to do out here that I highly doubt it’s ever as insane as the one on the north side.

There was hardly anyone else there when we got there, doing things during the day when most kids are in school or parents are at work is so nice.  I’m going to really miss daytime grocery shopping!











Using our Chuck E Cheese club coupons we got a medium pizza and 30 token for just over $20.  Compared to a lot of things you can do as a family that’s really not a bad price for several hours of entertainment.











She was really, really good at basketball.  Kind of funny because she has zero interest in the little goal Santa brought her a couple of years ago.  She’s mentioned wanting to play several times, so this fall we may look into a little short league.











Abbi had a blast and slept the entire time.











Driving in Mario Kart……her driving skills leave a bit to be desired….











She’s also enjoying a lot more arcade games, especially this one where you shoot spiders.










We had a lot of fun and ironically just went again yesterday when she was out for a spring break day while her teachers had in-service and got training credits.


That evening I went to the pre-sale for my fave consignment sale in Forest Hills.  I’ve started consigning some of our old things and got to get in early with the other consignors.  For the spring sale, I only had my spring/summer maternity items and a few little things Abbi had already outgrown to sell, but I’m really looking forward to this fall when the sales start again and selling the rest of my maternity clothes and all of our baby winter clothes.  As we unpack and unpack and unpack I keep telling myself we will never have this much junk again since Abbi will be using it and then we’ll be selling it…..










I found a ton of cute things for Lilli (and got Abbi one or two little things – her wardrobe is set in hand-me-downs) and I ended up selling about 35 of my items (about half) and made a pretty little penny.  I sold more things in a sale last week, and have a lead on selling a few more of my summer things, so hopefully all the things we are done with will have new homes soon!

While I was out at that sale (and one more near our house) Brent sent me this picture of them making Abbi into Rapunzel.   Poor baby.  Since she’s our little blondie I guess they wanted to see what she might look like eventually….





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