St Pattys, Moving and Life with Girls

From March 17th – 21st…

Lilli spent a lot of time trying on all the various things I had bought for her at consignment sales this spring, and one morning she came in wearing this tutu-leggings combo.   That I had bought for Abbi.  That is size 6-12 months.  It’s Gap, and to me their sizes run large, but still.  That girl is so skinny.











We didn’t do much for St Patty this year.  We just didn’t have time to make cookies or shepherd’s pie like in the past (Lilli has not let me forget that we didn’t make cookies for Valentines or St Patty or Easter, so we’ll need to do some cookies soon since we’re getting settled in.)  Both girls wore St Patty stuff to church that Sunday, but otherwise we really didn’t do anything to “celebrate”.

Abbi wore Lilli’s old St Pat PJs.  I think they do actually look quite a bit alike in their jammies.  Sometimes they really favor and then other times I don’t think they look alike at all.











Our new addition to our St Pat stuff this year was this little headband I found on clearance at Michaels.  We all had fun modeling it but I think Abbi was the only one who had her picture made in it.  Now that we’re through all the worst of moving and unpacking we’ll definitely be able to celebrate the holidays more!











Lilli playing with “breakable baby” (my old childhood doll).  She and Abbi were hanging out together while the rest of us ate dinner….










One morning after I dropped Lilli off for preschool Abbi and I hit up the Target near our house.  I absolutely love living about 2 miles from a Target now!!! Going to Target used to be an entire evening adventure and heaven forbid you forgot something off your list! But now we have fantastic grocery stores and shops all very close to us.  We love it.  And lots of family friendly (safe – or as safe as anything can be anymore) around us.  We should have moved ages ago.


Anyway, she LOVES Target.  I don’t know what it is, but every time we go she just has the biggest smiles (not fake or planned out for the camera).  I kind of feel the same way at Target, too!










I saw these PJs in the girls area.  These were obviously not made by anyone with children who loves that quiet time after everyone is asleep.











Sweet sisters.











And then it was moving day!  With the inspection and appraisal behind us, and the contract seeming pretty certain, we went ahead and moved the rest of our stuff out.  I never, ever want to move again.  And definitely not with little kids and all their STUFF. I think we have enough riding toys to fund an entire daycare.










Our youth minister Matt came to help along with our parents.   We were able to get pretty much everything left in the house into a UHaul and two trailers.  Matt stayed through the morning and did an amazing job helping organize everything (as well as doing a ton of heavy lifting) and then Brent’s brother Eric also stopped by that afternoon to help with unloading all the heavy stuff.  I don’t think anyone will ever volunteer to help get furniture to our upstairs bedrooms again.











Once I picked up Lilli she was also a big help.  Naturally.










The biggest challenge was getting our couch through the narrow door and up into the bonus room.  That’s really the only thing I thought wasn’t going to happen, and I’m pretty sure it will be chopped in pieces or sold with the house in 20 years when we’re ready to downsize.  Mom, Lilli, Abbi and I were “trapped” in the bonus room while all the calculations were made to see if it would fit.   Luckily we have a full bath up there because it took a while, but thankfully the guys were able to make it happen!










And at the end of the day. most of our furniture was now at the new house, in the garage, out on the lawn, etc.  Whew.  It was a mess.  But that night we stayed up until about one in the morning getting the crib and our bed back together.  Finally Abbi was sleeping in her own room (and slept great that night) and we were sleeping in a real bed.  After five weeks of sleeping on air mattresses it was nice to finally have our room back to ourselves and to be out of the floor again!


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