From March 22nd and 23rd…..


Our next door neighbors brought us over a strawberry roll, made from scratch.  YUM.  We have the best next door neighbors now, ever.  He’s a retired military chaplain and he’s the type of neighbor you like to have who keeps an eye out on everything.  He can tell you a lot about what’s going on on our block, which is totally fine with me because we’re not up to anything I would be embarrassed about him telling anyone, and he’s a lot cheaper than an alarm system.   He’s even mowed our yard TWICE now!! Our mower (that we got with the house) has clearly hit a tree (probably done by one of the teenagers living here….) and we’ve just now figured out the part we needed to order.  Between moving and two kids and unpacking and everything he came over and told us he literally had nothing else to do (how amazing would that be???) and he’s mowed this full acre of ours twice for us now.  We have traded waaaaay up in the next door neighbor category! They remind us of when the Perrys moved in with Mark for that wonderful two and a half year time period.  They were always doing sweet things for Lilli and were so great to live next to.  Lilli already likes this older couple and I can tell it tickles them when she waves really big at them as we’re coming and going.











That Saturday we rented another (small) UHaul and our friend Adam helped Brent with the final things from the garage and under the house.  Adam had the really junky job of dealing with all our nasty, spider ridden junk from the outdoors and we really appreciate his help!!  He even kept a few of our things we didn’t want anymore, woo hoo! (Sorry Julia…..)

We are so thankful for all our friends that have helped during this move, especially with the addition of our little Abbi!












Cleaned out garage!!  It hadn’t looked that good since we moved in.  And it’s hard to imagine those cabinets used to be in our kitchen, ugh.  That house came a long way with us, and hopefully the new owners will enjoy it during their time there.  We definitely had some fun times there, but we are loving life in the suburbs with a bigger house that suits our expanded family SO much better.










The loaded UHaul once it made it back to our house…











And all of that junk dumped in our garage.  Ugh.  So.much.unpacking.










I quickly helped Brent unload everything and we got ready for the church Easter Egg Hunt going on that night.  Every year it’s an indoor flashlight hunt.  I can’t believe how much Lilli has changed since last year!!   Lilli fell asleep in the car, and when we got there she just wasn’t ready to party.  It had been a bit of a long weekend just hanging out with me while Brent was busy moving, and I think she was just tired from everything that had been going on.


We thought having Abbi’s pictures with the Easter Bunny first would help her warm up to the idea….












But it really didn’t.  She just wasn’t in the mood for the Easter Bunny this year.











They had the party catered by Moe’s and it was SO good.  Lilli sulked for a long time and finally ate a little before the Egg Hunt started.  This year she was with the “big kids” on the scavenger hunt.  Basically there are clues all over the building and the kids have to figure out which room the next clue is in.  Once they get there each kid gets to pick up three eggs (since there’s a sign up list before hand they know how many to hide).    And sometimes they have to work together and sing a song like Jesus Loves Me or do something else as a group.











While I was helping Lilli, Brent took a few cute pics of Abbi hanging out in the Easter grass play area.     IMG_2270










One of the older girl stuck with Lilli and helped her along with the clues and she had a great time on the hunt.  And of course an even better time dumping all the candy out of her eggs later!










Group pic of the “big girls”.  Lil is never, ever a fan of the group photo.










Then they got to dye some Easter eggs which they all absolutely loved.












So much fun!!! I think that may have been the first time she got to dye eggs, but I had already planned for us to do them together the following day.

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