Snow and Easter Activities

From March 24th – 29th…..

That Sunday afternoon we also got Lilli’s bunk beds put together.  We were slowly working our way through the house reassembling all our furniture.  It was quite the task, but thankfully that was the last of the big pieces to put back together.  We did have to do a little jumping on the mattress before putting it to the top bunk.













I think she’s pretty heavily influenced by all the time she’s spent on home improvement projects in her young life….













One morning that week we woke up to another dusting of snow.  Considering most kids were on Spring Break that week I doubt anyone was amused.  Since we didn’t have an activity planned for the week (and didn’t want to go anywhere popular due to all the school kids out!) we had a “Snow Day” and Lilli stayed home from school to play in it.













We suited all up and threw some snowballs and such and trampled the snow until it melted.  I would have much rather had a fun “Sun Day” and had picnics and rode bicycles.














We needed to go to the grocery store, so I loaded both kids up and off we trudged.  There really are not good carts made for a bigger kid and baby seat.  I asked the check-out guy what other people did and he said a lot of people put the little kid carseat in the actual buggy and the big kid rode in the seat, and they just picked up a few groceries and shopped more often.  No thanks, we only hit the grocery store once per week – “ain’t nobody got time for that“.  We meal plan and get it all at once, and fill that sucker up.  It takes 3.5 gallons of milk a week to keep this house running – I can’t imagine having to shop for that every other day!  I will say, I think I got extra mom points for driving them both around in one of those awful car shopping carts all over Publix.  Those things have the turn radius of something that has absolutely no turn radius.












She found an Easter bunny cake she just had to have….and then took one bite of it and didn’t like the coconut all over it.












I took her for a haircut and one of those kid-only places near us one afternoon.  Her hair had gotten super long and was just a stringy, knotted up mess.  It has turned out so cute and she added some layers that’s given it much better volume and control.













Everybody loves Abbi…….Pippin just loves to get a little lick in here and there when there’s an arm hanging over or she reaches out for him!












On Good Friday her school was closed but Brent had to work.  That morning we made “Resurrection Rolls.”   We didn’t get incredibly deep into the story of Jesus dying on the cross as we made them, but we loosely talked about Easter and she knows Jesus died on the cross.











Our finished product – somehow though my marshmallows didn’t evaporate so my Jesus was still in the tomb.  Oops.  Good thing she didn’t really understand but just enjoyed the delicious treat instead.












The only other thing she wanted to do on our special day together was eat at Wendy’s.  She really requested that as our activity.  So I loaded both girls up in the pouring, pouring rain and headed to Wendy’s, where we got the very last parking spot and waited in line for our food.  I’m not sure why it was so packed – normally it’s pretty empty, but I guess tons of people wanted Wendy’s for their special Good Friday lunch, too.












That afternoon when Brent got home we headed to the Brentwood Library for the first time to check it out.  It’s a special library just for residents of our suburb (not even the entire county) and it is SO nice.  Their children’s area is amazing and they have a ton of movies for adults and kids, as well as special programs like yoga and other events.  We showed them our utility bills and got signed up for library cards.  They’re even open 7 days a week which is even better than the Nashville Metro libraries.













We’ve been back several times since then, and they even have a walking trail that connects to the other greenways around.  It’s one of Lilli’s favorite places to request going now (we even went this afternoon) and it’s right across from our new neighborhood park and just a block down from the Y we go to now.  It’s probably about 3-4 miles from our new house.  They have a story time on Saturday mornings we’re going to have to start checking out once we get more settled and unpacked, and have a little more free time to explore.











I even signed her up for a special program where the kids get to read to this special (real) dog named Lily twice a month.  She’ll get 10 minutes with the dog in early May to read him a story, so I’m thinking we’ll work on some light readers or reading skills before then and she can share her story with the dog.  It sounds like a ton of fun!!



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