Twas the Night Before Easter…..






From March 30th, the day before Easter….


Most of that Saturday Brent spent over at the old house (ugh) throwing away remaining junk and getting it cleaned up and final things fixed, etc.    Since we were closing the following Thursday we knew that at least there was a light at the end of the moving tunnel.

He did have to come home by mid-afternoon so I could go and get my hair done.  I’d let it get really long while I was pregnant so my face wouldn’t look so fat (my hair was way too short when Lilli was born) and I hadn’t had highlights in about a 15 months so it was time to get freshened up.  I tried a new salon near us (but we have been there before for massages and manicures) and was really happy with the results.  Just in time for Easter!














In unpacking Lilli’s room the corner beside her bunk beds was perfect for making a cozy little reading corner with pillows and blankets.  We curl up there every night to read her two stories (provided she hasn’t had them taken away for misbehaving).  However, in the daytime, if Pippin is missing odds are about 100% he is curled up there.













That evening we went to Lowes to get some shelving and things to start organizing the new house and getting it straightened up.  Even princesses have home improvement things that need to be done.














As is tradition, we set out carrots the night before Easter for the Easter Bunny.    (Click here for 2009, 2011, and 2012.  Lilli is wearing the same bunny PJs this year as last year, and Abbi is wearing the same ones Lilli wore in 2009.  Talk about reusing things!)  Abbi just wasn’t having it since it was past her bedtime and she was clearly about to starve to death.











I had matching baskets made for the girls by a friend at church.  I think they turned out so cute!!  Abbi just got a few small things, some rattles and little toys, and Lilli got several small toys and candy items.  They both got a couple of new books.  Lilli drew a picture of a rainbow for the Easter bunny and made a picture with stickers from Abbi since she can’t draw yet.  HA!













Close up of Lilli’s basket:













Close up of Abbi’s basket:













And since we told her the bunny wouldn’t come if she was awake, it was a fast and easy night to bed for Lilli!!



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