Easter 2013











A few pics from Easter 2013 (March 31, 2013)


The girls’ Easter baskets looked great!











We had to wake Lilli up so she could come down and check everything out before getting ready for church.  It really is mean to give them all this fun stuff then have to tear them away from it all! And she’s still young enough that even something this exciting doesn’t wake her up early in anticipation.  She was a little concerned the Easter Bunny wouldn’t know where to find her, so we told her we had left a note at the old house.  I’m not sure why, but in our house all gifts from characters come through the chimney.











She was very excited to go through all of her and Abbi’s stuff.  Poor Pippin watched in disgust that there was nothing for him…..












She went through all of Abbi’s things first – just a few baby toys and rattles, books and some candy to match what Lilli had in her basket.











Just chilling and relaxing….











Lilli was excited about all the goodies in her basket – candy, books, coloring books, stickers, some Princess items and some bug goodies – a net, keeper and magnifying glass.










We had to drive separately to church since Brent had just a few very last things to do at the old house afterwards, and by the time we all got home we were all tired, grouchy, and Abbi had peed on her dress during a diaper change.  But, we had to have pictures!! It was also a very rainy day, so I’d gotten rained on twice getting the kids in and out of church, so we were all a bit frizzy – but the day and our outfits are documented!

Lilli wanted no part of any of the pictures, but we did eventually bribe/threaten her to be in some family ones.

Me and Abbi – we went with a seersucker/yellow/gray theme this year.  My dress is from JCPenney and I got it for $25 with a $10 off coupon that came to the former owner of this house.  I had no clue JCP had such cute clothes, but they really have a ton of nice and affordable summer dresses.  I may grab a few new things for summer/work from there soon.  The girls’ dresses came from Belk.  I got my dress first since I still have baby weight to shed and knew it would be easier to find something I liked for me first rather than base everything off their colors.    Abbi and I had a mall day and I ended up finding their matching dresses at Belk.  I wasn’t set on them having to match, but just loved the dresses I found for them there.  And her headbow is from Janie and Jack.

This one is definitely a framer.












Daddy and his littlest girl.  Poor Brent only got a new tie, also from JCP.













The family picture for this year – not our best but the girls were pretty much done by this point.  I think Lilli was being pinched to smile….











And of course we had to do Easter Bunny ears like we have in years past – (2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012).  The more people we add the tougher it’s getting to get everyone posed with ears and behaving….











I think Pippin was a bit unhappy about being forced out of a lap this year….












Bunny Ears 2013….











While Lilli didn’t want any pictures with us, she did want a sister picture – anything she can do to hold her sister!!























Later that afternoon she did get out to try out her new bug gear while Brent did some garage unpacking and organizing.  She likes to wear her bug keeper around her neck like a necklace.  Ew.  And she did all this in her Tiana dress up and Sunday sweater.













Happy to have her bugs….













This came inside my house….and a few of the worms squeezed out the airholes.  Ugh.  The rest of the worms turned into “sticks”, according to Lilli.  So now she keeps dirt in there with them and sticks with worms and rolly pollys.  That girl loves some of her bugs….













Playing with her new Bunny mask – kind of looks like a wrestler!!











Hanging out with Daddy on Easter night…













Hanging out with Mommy on Easter Day….












We had a great Easter and know that next year will be even better – since we will NOT be moving!!!




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