Spring, Science and Swim






From April 1-2nd…..

Finally at the beginning of April it started feeling like Spring around here.  Lilli wanted a birdhouse and one night when we were at Home Depot she remembered that I had promised her she could have one.  We picked this little one out and hung it on the tree in the backyard.  So far we haven’t seen any birds move in…












Helping put together some shelving organizers for the garage.  Maybe one day it will be cleared out of boxes and we can park in there again…













We love having an enclosed sunroom in this house.  It’s also a storage area for boxes (although it’s looking a lot better now), but we still have room to eat in there.  This patio table is too big for the space, but works fine for now.  Considering how tough it was for Brent to get in there through doorways we might live with it there for a bit….











One pretty morning on the way home after dropping Lilli off at preschool it was just too pretty not to stop and exercise a little on the greenway.  I just had a small stroller with me, so it didn’t roll as well as our bigger stroller designed for walking trails, but we had a nice morning walk and burned some calories.













One house along the greenway had goats.  Hilarious.  They were so noisy, I would hate for them to be my neighbor.












That Tuesday on Lilli’s “special day” with me, we met our friends Zach and Audrey at the Science Center.   She had been wanting to do that for a special day lately and with so many schools on Spring Break around Easter I knew it would be miserable.  It was still a bit crowded that week with a school that was out the week after Easter (all this year round school stuff has really messed up everything….) but it wasn’t too bad once you got through the ridiculous line to get in.  We love having a membership there, but my main gripe is that the “Express” Members Line is **NEVER** open and I always have to wait in at least a twenty minute line to get in.  Beyond frustrating.


Regardless, Lilli had a great time playing with her friends and I’m glad we did this with other people since it’s a bit harder to get around with the stroller and be as “hands on” with her in a place like this full of stairs!

Lilli and Zach pretending to be on TV…..











Audrey and Lilli playing with the trains area….











All three of them climbed in the “tornado simulator” chamber and wanted us to add money.  I really, really would have liked to but I know all three of them would have freaked out!!!













Posing in the Magic SchoolBus.  We had a great time playing with them and Abbi slept most of the time until towards the end and I fed her a bottle and she was good to go.












Later that night Lilli had her first swim class at the Y near our new house.  She and I did a Mommy and Me swim class about a hundred years ago, but it was really pretty pointless. Basically we just walked around the pool the whole time, and there wasn’t any kind of structure or point to the class at all.  I had also seen some older swim classes at that same Y last summer, and they looked like utter chaos with too many kids and too few teachers, so I was a bit wary of her taking classes at the Y to begin with.  I had emailed the Aquatics Director a few questions and was super impressed, and since their classes are really affordable we went ahead with the lessons.  So far I have been very happy with them! She just finished her first session (two nights per week for three weeks) and started her second session.


The first session had 5 kids and three instructors.  Most of the time she was paired with a little blond girl and they take turns with the lessons they’re working on that night with the teacher, and a time or two she was lucky to be the one working one on one the whole time with an instructor.











(She’s the one out on the noodle below).  She absolutely loves swim class, and the first two times we had to take her out once class was over kicking and screaming because she wasn’t ready to leave.  Always a good sign (although an embarrassing sign).   The teachers are upper teens/college age and great with kids, they are learning and progressing without it being one of those environments where they scare kids into swimming, which I know would not work well with Lilli.  They do work on safety and have done things like throw the teacher a noodle and call for help (if you see someone drowning).

She’s progressed a lot and we’re hoping by the end of summer she can be swimming (mostly) unassisted.  She’s not scared of water at all, and will go under, hold her breath, blow bubbles, etc.  She’s getting better with floating on her back and has a great kick, the main thing to do is learn to use arms and learn to float/breathe.











Abbi’s eyes in this one crack me up.  During swim class we drop her off in Y-play, and I’ve started going to the Y a few times per week and dropping her off in Y play then as well.  She does great and we love having the “free” babysitting opportunity.  All the workers have started to recognize us and call her “Abbi with an I” and “Lilli with an I”.  Sometimes Lilli will ask to go there and play so I’ll drop both of them off for a little while and get a workout in.  It works out great for all of us!













Abbi dipping her toes in the water….it will be so nice one day when they can both take a tub together, although Lilli has started taking showers some as well after swim class.  I think she likes how “grown up” she feels taking a shower in our bathroom.




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