Goodbye Old House!

From April 3rd and 4th…..

Doing a little reading in big sister’s chair while she was at school…She’s in a phase where she only likes to do something for a few minutes and then we have to move on to something new, so I thought she might enjoy Lilli’s soft chair and it’s been a hit in our rotation ever since.  She’s also starting to be more interested in looking at books so I’m going to have to finish unpacking some of those soft books for her.













This is random but something I wanted to document for the future – the amount of milk I buy every week!! Lilli drinks two gallons of 2% Lactose Free Lactaid and there’s three half gallons in here of my organic skim.  And one half gallon of Chocolate Lactaid – that’s a treat and it actually expired before it was even fully consumed.  On top of this was the open carton of Lilli’s milk and the one she has at school – she drinks about one every two weeks there.  Our milk bill each week runs between $20-$25 alone due to all our “special needs” and because that’s one of the things I’ll only do organic on now.  I can hardly wait to add Abbi to that bill! We’re gonna need a milk fridge out in the garage….But, the good side of that is that Lilli hardly drinks juice at all anymore – usually only one or two glasses a WEEK now, so I’d much rather her be drinking milk than sugary stuff.












On Wednesday we said good-bye to the old house forever.  We had a couple of unnecessary last minute things we had to do there, so it really wasn’t this overwhelming moment of sadness or reflection.   With one kid who said “Can I just stay in the car and watch my movie?” when we told her we were going inside one last time, to another one that was pretty much screaming the whole time while Brent went around to neighbors to borrow a ladder for one last “repair” (not even going to talk about that one….) it really wasn’t a Hallmark moment.  We had a lot of good years there, but we really overstayed our welcome about one full year.  And we were already in the new house that suited our needs SO much better.  It’s so wonderful having all our bedrooms on the same level – I would have already broken my neck heading up and down to Abbi’s room a million times in the middle of the night.   So, real tears or big good-bye for our old Victorian on Woodland.

Last shot of the outside:












Last shot of us in the kitchen – the only room in the old house I prefer to the new house, but give us a couple of years and we’ll have this one majorly upgraded!












Last shot of Lilli messing with the blinds in Abbi’s room:













Last shot of Abbi – throwing a fit in the front foyer:












We double-checked that we had everything out and then headed to Taco Bell before church.    Lilli loves to entertain Abbi at church…..













The next morning I dropped Lilli off and headed to the Y with Abbi, our normal routine a couple of mornings per week.   That day it rained the ENTIRE day long.  Abbi and I pulled up in the driveway and I could hear air coming out of my tire.  It was the tire I typically have trouble with, so I messaged Brent so he could come home a little earlier than planned to look at it.  He ended up putting my spare on since I had plans for a girls night out after our closing.












We drove in the pouring rain to East Nashville to close.  Abbi cried about half the time so we kept passing her back and forth while we signed it all away, and we drove past the old house one last time and had coffee at a neighborhood shop one last time.  It was a great neighborhood for us before we had kids and we had the time to enjoy all these places, but I’m much happier with my convenient Target and loads of grocery stores and Chic Fil A now.











Afterwards Brent went to pick up Lilli and I headed out for Girls Night honoring another baby girl that should arrive here in the next couple of weeks at church.  We met at a restaurant on the north side and had a fun night laughing and being kid free, and “sprinkling” her with gifts (this is her second girl).  Brent had a fun night with the kids, and took Lilli to her swim class while Abbi hung out in Y-play.

(Lilli is in the middle in a navy polka dot swimsuit).











Lilli is out in the middle working on her kick with the noodle.











And in the middle being spun around on the pink fish.  At the end of most of the classes they’ll spin them around on the big fish, I love that they play a lot of games (and they even have a little song about frogs jumping in the water they do) and keep swimming fun.


Tonight at her class Brent said she was practically swimming on her own with just a little assistance, and at the end she kept bobbing under the water (and holding her breath) long after her instructor was ready for her to move on from that! She really loves swimming and I think we’re going to have a great summer at the pool this year.




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