From April 5th and 6th….

It was so nice waking up April 5th in “our house”.  It was kind of a weird transition since we’d already been living here for about 6 weeks, so there was no key exchange at closing or anything left to move – we just signed a bunch of papers and we were done.  A bit anti-climatic for such a big purchase, but we were more than happy for everything to be closed and everyone to have their happy endings.

Poor Abbi, that second child just gets no attention….(why do people say that???)












That Friday evening when Brent got home from work we headed over to the park closest to our house for the first time to check it out (besides me having walked through it a bit on the Greenway earlier that week.)    Lilli was so excited to go to “her” new park for the first time.  It’s just a small little park between the library and Y, but it’s connected to all the greenways and has pavilions and nice bathrooms and everything you would need, and is only about 2-3 miles from our house.  Not as close and handy as walking across the street, but that’s fine with us!













There’s a nice little creek that runs beside it, perfect for throwing rocks and sticks into and will be really nice if it ever gets hot this summer for dipping your toes in.












Swinging on the pretty spring day….I wish we would have had more of them these last few months…













Abbi and I did some strolling for exercise while they played on the playground.  I’m definitely getting serious about working out now and getting back in pre-Lilli shape, not just pre-Abbi shape.  I’m using My Fitness Pal app to count calories and log exercise, and it definitely keeps me honest and realistic about how calories can so quickly add up in junk food.  I’m getting in quite a few workouts most every day, often a Y workout in the morning and toning at night, sometimes an extra stroller walk during the day or a second Y workout on the nights Lilli has swim.  We had just ordered the new BoB Revolution stroller with our tax refund and had gotten it the day before.  I absolutely love it and am so glad we went ahead and ordered it! We also ordered the infant seat attachment so her car seat just locks right in until she’s got enough head control to face forward.  And since she loves to see you at all times, it really helps to have her up high and facing you.  We had a Giant running stroller with Lilli (and still have it, I’m going to sell it at consignment), but I just didn’t like the control of it and it was also way too wide for any indoor shopping.  We won’t take this one indoors much, but it’s nice to have the option and it rolls like a dream.  And I ordered it in Plum, which you actually don’t see all that much so it makes us a little “different” than all the other tons of them out here.













After the park we ate at…..Wendy’s.  Obviously Lilli’s pick.  And nice and deserted on a Friday night!












That Saturday morning Lilli helped me wash my car, and at one point Brent came running out because from inside the house he could hear water leaking inside the wall.  Oops.  We think that maybe the pipe froze and cracked after the inspection we had in January, because we don’t know how the inspector missed that with his 75 page report.  Dude was thorough.  So on Day Two of our owning this house I flooded the underneath.  Not a big repair for Brent, but still.













Our super-nice neighbor mowed our yard that day, and we got some other unpacking done within the garage and took a break at the end of the day to go back to the park.  It was just too pretty not to have some fun after all these months of housework.












Abbi got in on the swing action….













All the girls wanted to be on the dinosaur….













And just the sisters!




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