Normal Days

From April 7th – 10th….

Somebody discovered the little butterfly rattle that hangs on her carseat that morning at church and found it to be hilarious….Sometimes in the car (if she’s not screaming – which is rare these days) she’s just going to town hitting at it.













We love, love, love having a long driveway to ride bikes and scooters up and down.  It’s so nice for Lilli to be able to play and for me to stroll up and down with Abbi all in the same spot.












Little Miss enjoys a good stroll…













She also enjoys playing in her little Bumbo seat.  I definitely use it a lot more than with Lilli, primarily because my attention can be pretty divided between them and the Bumbo is great for putting a few toys on her tray and keeping her occupied for a few minutes anyway.  She can grab her toys now and pick them up and hold them for a few seconds before dropping them, occasionally one can even make it up to her mouth.














Pippin loves to photobomb….












Swim class! Working on arm strokes….













And floating on her back…we also practice this in my big bathtub at home, too!











Practicing her farm animals with a toy we were given at a shower when Lilli was a baby.  It’s a big hit this time around, too!  Around this same age it was one of Lilli’s favorite toys for tummy time….




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