Spring Time!

Pics from April 11th – 13th….

I let Lilli stay home that particular Thursday because some storms were predicted for that afternoon and driving to get her in the pouring rain/potential tornadoes with Screamy McGhee in the backseat just didn’t sound like fun.  So instead, we opened up her new soccer/hockey seat and played outside with it in the morning before the thunderstorms arrived.













Brent also went and picked up our new upright freezer…..in his little Vibe.  Pontiac should really contact him about the ridiculous things you can fit in a Vibe, because I guarantee he has done it.













I don’t even want to know what was going on in this picture.  Poor baby.  And they even have warnings on these things not to put babies in them….  There’s a reason her shirt says “I Love Mommy”.













Swim class was moved to Friday night because of the thunderstorms the day before.  They don’t have Y-play on Friday nights, so I sat and watched swim class with Lilli while Brent took Abbi for a stroll on the greenway since he hadn’t explored it much.











I think she had a good time!













He even came across several deer out on the trail, but Abbi was already asleep and missed it!











I got the ExerSaucer out of the extra room (we call the 4th bedroom the “Activity Center” – that’s where Brent is setting up his photography stuff and I’ve set up my workout gear there.  It’s also where all the things that need to go up in the attic once we floor the rest of it are currently stored).  Abbi’s feet still can’t reach the floor, but she’s enjoying reaching for toys and is really starting to enjoy it.  It’s perfect right now for Big Sis to give her a spin around in it (and she loves it).











I think someone else may be a bit big for it…












That Saturday morning Lilli helped Brent put together her new soccer goal.  I think she did something wrong….













She entertained Abbi and apparently bored Pippin while Brent put it together the right way….











Soccer fun!!












She has good form! She really has no interest in being on a team this year, which is totally fine for me.  Swim lessons keep us busy enough right now, and our rule is one activity at a time.  She’s really eager to start gymnastics, so once we’re happy with her swim progress we’re going to swap to that, and she also has interest in basketball so we may look into that in the fall.











That night Brent and Lilli went on a Daddy-Daughter Date to Chic Fil A, but I’ll let him do a “guest post” all about their night.  I took Little Girl to our favorite place – Target! You can tell she was thrilled to be in her happy place!!




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