Hand-Me-Downs, Cheese and Gardens

From April 14th and 15th….

That Sunday Abbi wore an ultimate hand-me-down, one of my old Feldman Brothers dresses that Mom had passed down to me that I used to wear when I was little.  Most of them are pretty small, and it’s been such a cold “spring” that I’m not sure how may times she’s going to get to wear them before she’s too big for some of my old dresses.  It’s hard to believe that anything can still be in such good shape that many years later!













I’ve started little boxes for each of them to take when they move out (not that we’re looking forward to that or anything….) with some of their special items in it – old clothes that may have special meaning or some of their cuter monogrammed stuff that I just don’t know what to do with but can’t part with.    Some of these old dresses I guess I’ll just split between the two of them.











Me and my girlie.  I think my face is finally starting to slim down (woo hoo!) and maybe my abs will catch up soon.  Still 5 pounds to go to my pre-Abbi weight, but I did lose two pounds last week! Yeah!! Logging my calories every day on My Fitness Pal definitely keeps me honest, and having a dedicated workout room in this house also keeps me from excuses…..













That Monday was a school holiday for Lilli.  Her teachers had taken the Friday and Monday for inservice and training.  So I asked her what she wanted to do for her “special day” that week and she wanted Chuck E Cheese again so we headed there for some fun.  I really don’t mind it, and it’s something pretty easy to do with both of them by myself.  When we pulled up around 11 am there was literally only one other car in the lot and I was worried they might be closed.  Luckily it was just pretty deserted and for a long time it was just us and one other family.  The bonus to that is scooping up all the test tickets as they go around checking and turning on all the machines for the day!













She’s getting better at Skeeball.  Only a few balls go in other lanes now….












Operation is one of her favorite games to play at home, and luckily our batteries are going dead so the buzzer is really muted.  As such, she loves to try the big one at Chuck E, but bless her heart, she’s pretty awful at it.  She either runs out of time or is way off the mark, but somehow by sheer luck she got one of the bones out and won quite a few tickets!!













When Chuck E came walking through with his “Follow Me” sign she was the only one that went, so the three of us got to dance to “If You’re Happy and You Know it” all by ourselves until another mom and her little boy came in at the end of the song.  That made for a lot of tickets for the two of them to scoop up and enjoy!













Cotton candy on our way out….











That evening Uncle Eric stopped by on his way home from work to drop off the tiller for us to borrow so we can get started on our garden.  He showed Lilli how to use it, it’s about time she has some chores.










We are super excited about our garden this year and when I checked on it today we had a lot of little lettuce plants popping up! It is so late this year because of the extra long winter we had, but hopefully we can enjoy some lettuce before it gets too hot and dies down.  This will probably be a tough year for the garden as we figure out what goes where, and with all the rain we had over the weekend we saw one spot that’s pretty low and may have trouble with getting too much drainage, but we’ll live and learn.  Speaking of storms, every mom I talked to today ended up with extra people in their bed because of all the thunder and lightning we got last night.  That made for a long night of elbows in our face and two tired parents today, but somehow Lilli slept “GREAT”! and had loads of extra energy.  Next time, that girl can sleep on our floor on one of the old air mattresses!!


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