Gardens and Swimming!

From April 16th – 18th….

Brent ended up taking half a day of vacation that Tuesday so he could get the garden tilled before the rain came and made it too wet for several days to get anything going.  We used our soccer cones to mark off how big we wanted and he spent the afternoon tilling away and was luckily able to finish before the rain started.  We’re so excited about our huge garden and even though it’s about a million times larger than our old urban garden we’ve already got it filled with seeds and plants (future post to come on the actual planting!)











Brent had three excellent supervisors (Lilli was at school).  (Abbi and I had been to the gym that morning – I’m not one of those Brentwood moms wearing exercise attire when I haven’t actually been exercising.)













Swim class that night!  (Lilli on the right.)













We told Lilli if she behaved in class and did her best we’d run by the grocery store on the way home and let her pick out some ice cream (or in her case sherbet and soy vanilla ice cream).    Thankfully she was really good because I really wanted to get some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (mint flavor is THE BEST!!) Those things are HUGE and only 150 calories.  I’ve been craving ice cream and when you calorie count huge calorie bombs just aren’t worth it, and the Skinny Cow stuff is all amazing.











Abbi has been enjoying the Exersaucer more and more.  She still can’t touch the ground but it’s at least something new to do.  This is a tough age of not being able to do much but being awake a LOT.













Little cheeseball.  She can tear the house down and then throw that cute little smile and try and get on your good side again.













Sisters after church one Wednesday night.  Lilli just loves her baby sister.











Swim class! Lilli is in the water working on her back floating.












31.6 pounds.  Such a skinny mini.  I may follow her diet plan – a solid diet of Goldfish, crackers, milk and three bites of anything offered to me.  It clearly works for her!













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