Parades and Happy Kiddos

From April 22 – 24……

Abbi often gets the unfortunate end of being poked, prodded and taunted with Lilli’s toys.  This one just cracked me up though.  Babies just love little phones….Lilli said “her baby friends” were calling her.  Of course when I asked who those friends were she said she didn’t know.  Ha!  Abbi is grabbing at everything these days and bringing it to her mouth, it’s going to be a tough battle with all the little princess and Barbie shoes and accessories laying around here.













One morning on the way out of the Y I gave Abbi my water bottle to hold and “carry” to the car and when she started chewing on it it reminded me of this picture that I always thought was so cute of Lilli.    They really do look so different and have such different personalities!














Pippin has been loving the nicer weather (on those somewhat rare days this year!!)













Enjoying a ride in the stroller.  Occasionally we do remove her from her carseat, contrary to every picture of her in this post.  Oops.













Lilli had been so excited about the parade her school would be having for its annual Birthday Bash.  Unfortunately, due to the bombing in Boston it was pushed back a week because the police really wanted them to hold off for a bit, so the excitement was about to kill her.  The police block off two blocks around her school and escort all the kiddos (infants like Abbi would be in strollers) around the downtown block and back to school.  Of course the kids love the excitement of having their parents there and the excitement of all the police motorcycles and bike officers being all around.  Then they get to come back and have cookies before lunch.  Lilli really wanted us to make cookies, and her current fave is chocolate chip so we whipped up a batch from scratch.  I do find it completely humorous that we’re baking away with the fridge door wide open.  I bet the Pioneer Woman never has that going on in the background.











We ended up calling them “Lilli’s Special Double Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies”.  She added sprinkles in the dough and on top.  Sprinkle overload.  It was actually pretty good in the dough, and of course the kids loved them.

I can’t wait to gut this kitchen and put in some proper appliances.  I really miss my gas range (SO much!!) and convection oven.  Baking one tray of cookies at a time was murder.  I felt so 2007.











On parade day I swung by my office to visit my floor (since I hadn’t taken Abbi up there yet!) and then went back down to the parade.  Since it was at 10 I only had about 45 minutes to kill and that wouldn’t be enough time to really go anywhere else.  Lilli’s class led the way (since they’re the oldest!) and I pushed Abbi in the stroller.  Lilli was so glad we were there and Abbi slept through most of it.













The next session of swim class started! This session is super small and Lilli has practically had private lessons every week.  She has progressed SO much this time.  (She’s the middle kid in the water.)













Playing with her BFF Katherine one afternoon.  They’re studying dinosaurs and at this station they were digging in the sand for fossils.











Smiley has had so much fun with her little toys lately.  She is definitely becoming more aware and grabbing for anything she can get her little mitts on – including my dinner at Chic Fil A tonight!!



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