Zoo Day!

From Friday, April 26th….

One of the things Lilli had been wanting to do on our “special days” was visit the zoo.  We’re not all that into the Nashville Zoo, but we do usually go once or twice a year.  That one sounded like it might be a bit much for me to tackle with both girls, so on our little staycation we planned to go there on Friday.

As soon as we got up that morning, Brent headed to get new car tags and take some junk to the dump with our new truck.  By the time he got home and we got everyone loaded up (seriously takes forever now….) the radar looked like this:












Ugh.  I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain.  Everything made it sound like it would be fast and brief, so we headed on towards the zoo.  It was also pretty chilling (pretty much the norm this year…..) and I had heard it was TCAP time so I thought it would be pretty empty of field trips and tourists.  Wrong.  The place was packed.  I think that’s another reason we’re not big zoo fans – it’s always way too crowded and just not fun.  But, there’s nothing you can do about that so we headed in to find the must-see animals on Lilli’s list.

The cool temps did have a lot of animals out playing that day.  Zebras were on her must see list.











We weren’t there long before she was hungry to eat.  We grabbed a low calorie Subway sandwich on our way out of our neighborhood for us, and brought a Lunchables for Lilli.  That saved us about $25 in overpriced, unhealthy zoo food.  We also brought some bananas and other good snacks, and our own bottled waters.  About this time the showers started coming through.  Naturally all the covered picnic tables were full, but we made due with a bench and had Abbi protected in the stroller with the shields up and an umbrella over the crack between them.  It was just a light sprinkle but when it picked up a little, Lilli and I explored the reptile house while Brent stayed outside with Abbi.

Ironically, this umbrella was bought at the Kansas City Zoo back in May 2010 when we went to it in a massive downpour……













I think she gets the feeling that there’s somebody watching her….











A little while later Abbi was getting hungry for a bottle and the rain had ended, so I sat by the carousel and fed her while Brent and Lilli went through the bird house.  The money to feed the birds is probably the best thing at the zoo, although that place totally freaks out my bird-phobia self.

At least she isn’t scared of birds….











My worst nightmare….sharp beaks near my eyes…..











Fact: This bird peed on Brent.













The field trip kids must not have gotten to do this since from all accounts the birds were hungry and friendly!!













Three birds attacking my girl.  Not a fan.













Abbi was still eating a bit when they were finished so Brent treated Lilli to a carousel ride.











He accidentally bought too many tokens so I ended up riding with her for a turn, too.  I can only assume Abbi is waving at us somewhere on there….











The giraffes were her other must-see animals, so we trudged all the way to the far end to see them.













Afterwards she wanted to play on the playground, so we told her she could do that for 10  minutes since she had been such a good listener all day.  On some outings she’s absolutely a wild mess lately, but on this particular day she was helpful, wasn’t too whiny, and managed to not lose her mind over anything, so on the way out we let her pick out something from the gift shop.  She ended up picking out this stuffed giraffe, since the 300 million stuffed animals she has were getting tired of each other.











Both girls were snoring before we got home so we did what any good parents would do – we sat in the car and waited for the big one to wake up and we enjoyed the rare peace and quiet!!!




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