Cold PJ Days

From April 26th – 28th…


After we got back from the zoo Lilli wanted to sit in the “new” truck, so we hung out and let her play inside it for a few minutes until Abbi woke up from her nap in the car.  I’m sure the neighbors all think we’re nuts.

She loves the little pop out seats.













That Saturday was yet another cold, rainy Saturday (aren’t they all???).  We all spent most of the day in our pajamas doing things around the house.  Every once in a while a Saturday like that is nice, but it seems like ALL our Saturdays have been like that!  It did give Abbi the opportunity to wear a pair of thermal PJs that are 3-6 month size that I don’t think Lilli ever got to wear!

You would think with 4K square feet in this house you could have some personal space, but I assure you there is none….











I think Abbi is working so hard on moving because she wants to get away from her sister….


(it’s not a bad plan….)











That night we did get out for some IHOP.  In my “older” years I’ve come to be more of an IHOP person than Waffle House.  It’s just SO much cleaner and they have a really large “fit” menu with all kinds of low calorie options! None of them involve syrup, but that’s ok.











All smiles while hanging out in the swing…











It just cracks us up how much she smiles with her tongue….











And this one…..something entirely different going on with her tongue!! (the result of an Airhead candy treat for doing something good.  This pretty well grosses me out because I’m sure this is full of all kinds of fake stuff to make her tongue so green!!)




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