The End of an Era…..

From April 29 – May 1st….

Brent’s staycation lasted from Wednesday – Monday, and we had Lilli stay home with us Thursday and Friday and go to school the other days so we could work on some projects around the house and have a little extra downtime.  For several of those days Abbi was in a big time funk with a growth spurt, and that last Monday he was off was no exception.  Pretty much my whole day was spent trying to keep her somewhat content and the child wouldn’t nap more than about 15 minutes.  So we’d stroll up and down the street and get some exercise and eventually I gave in and just rocked her to sleep and held her for a while so she’d rest.  At least now we have HGTV so there’s something to watch….













One of the big things we needed to get done was flooring more of the attic.  Brent’s so over flooring attics.  He had to add more storage in the old house and now this one.  Maybe we just store more things than other people??? I don’t think we would have necessarily needed more storage if it weren’t for all the baby/kid stuff of Lilli’s to pass down to Abbi.  He was definitely excited to take the new truck to get plywood.  I’m sure it was strange to just throw it in the back of something and not find creative ways to hang it out of his little hatchback.











Lilli enjoyed having Brent pick her up from school that afternoon since he rarely picked her up or dropped her off while I was off.  Naturally she was in the dress up area with her best gal pals.











Giving the stink eye…..











Swim class on Tuesday night….that Lilli boy is a mess.  He was in the last session with Lilli and seemed to do fine, but this session he is crying, screaming, refusing to get in the water.  Awful.  I love the look all the girls are giving him like “Seriously? Who doesn’t love the water?”  Lilli finished her second session tonight (a total of six weeks of lessons now) and Brent said she was able to swim a small distance on her own tonight! I think we’ll do one more session and then take a little break.  Once classes get to mid-June they meet three times a week but for just two weeks, but it’s already hard enough for us to get there two nights a week right now.  And, the outside pool will be opening soon so we’ll have a lot more opportunities to get in the water with her ourselves.













And Wednesday May 1st was my last day as a temporary stay at home mom before heading back to work.  Gone are the easy days of grocery shopping during daytime, meals prepared reasonably early,  running errands at my leisure and workouts at the Y while Abbi is in Y-play.    We dropped Lilli off at school and did our usual Wednesday grocery shopping before heading home to play.  Thankfully she was so sweet all day and took a very long afternoon nap giving me a chance to just prop my feet up, do nothing, and watch a little TV since I know that won’t happen again….probably ever.













The job board in Lilli’s class – these kids are hilarious.  Lilli likes whatever her school job is to become her home job – so for this week where she was napkin helper she wanted to pass out napkins at home.  So funny.













And getting ready for bed before her first day of school.  Even though our 15 weeks off were pretty insane – how in the world did we ever manage to list our house, sell our house and move in such a short period of time with a new baby??? – it was nothing short of perfect and I loved every second of getting to know our little Abigail.  I am happy to trade a lot of weeks of not getting paid for the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a little extra time at home bonding with our #2, and having some extra fun with our #1 that we wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten to do either.  And so I headed back to the office…..



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