First Days…

From May 2 & 3, just  a week ago!!

The alarm clock went off WAY too early last Thursday.  I think that’s the first time I’ve been up at 5:30 in months since Abbi started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old.  Ugh.  I don’t like mornings.  Our current routine is me up first, then Brent and once he’s ready we wake up Lilli and Abbi.  I help Lilli get dressed and breakfast started and Brent feeds Abbi while I finish getting ready.  Then we somehow meet in the middle, get coffee ready, car loaded with a ton of stuff for everyone and we’re out the door around 7 am and I drop them off right around 7:30.  You kind of feel like you’ve already run a marathon before you ever pull in the parking garage.  And you feel awfully violent when single coworkers roll in an hour later and complain about being “tired”.  Please.


She was bright eyed and bushy tailed for her first day of school!











All dressed and ready to go in one of her Little Sister shirts and jeggings while Lilli was wearing a Big Sister shirt.













Brent worked half-days on her first two days of school to help ease her into the new routine but she did fine and I’m sure wouldn’t have had any problems making it all day.  Her teachers say she’s super friendly and smiling with all of them and her only little problem is just napping in the crib, which is something we have trouble with too (as do most kiddos – she’d much rather nap in swings, etc but that’s a daycare no-no.)

When Brent picked the girls up they went to her favorite store – Target!













Somehow Lilli left with a fiberoptic hair extension.













They blew up balloons and had a big reception for me waiting at home.  I knew something was up when I pulled in and saw purple balloons on the mailbox.













With a banner, balloons and flowers (and dinner waiting on me, woo hoo!!) I felt like a special lady indeed!













That night was swim class and Lilli was excited to see Miss Ashley!  (Lilli’s on the right in a pink swimsuit.  She has 16 different swimsuits for this year, so it’s likely she’s never been pictured in the same one twice…..)  Abbi and I strolled on the greenway during her class to spend some quality time together after being apart all day!













Two kids and three teachers that night.  Not bad at all.  I just signed her up for one more session, so we’ve got three more weeks and a total of six more classes to go before we take a little break.










On that Friday they both wore their “I Love Daddy” shirts since I knew they’d be hanging with Dad all afternoon.  Abbi’s is gray since last Father’s Day when I ordered them I didn’t know if she was a she or he! While Abbi took a nap Lilli really wanted to go for a ride in the new truck so they went up and down our very, very quiet street a time or two.











Abbi’s expression cracks me up.  I wish she could talk so she could tell us what she thinks about big sis.











Two silly girls.  Later that day Lilli made Abbi laugh for the first time when she was playing with balloons.  Cutest sound ever.











One tired girl at the mall later that night.  I needed to return a dress to Janie and Jack that I had bought as an Easter alternate and decided against.













We ate in the food court that night and I guess Lilli was needing a little bit of attention…..












I don’t even know….











And the little one was all up in my cheat meal for the week (which wasn’t bad since I just got the Chic Fil A kids meal so I was still within my calorie goal for the week).  You can see her little hand inside my nugget box when I was looking down….  She’s already grabbing anything and everything she can reach on your plate and anywhere else.  She is going to be a handful!!




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