Last Saturday (May 4th) was yet another rainy, chilly Saturday.  Now that I’m back at work we’re REALLY over this rainy Saturday stuff!

So it became another (mostly) stay at home type day and both the girls stayed in the PJs all day.  The only upside to rainy days are the opportunities it gives us for a little more unpacking around the house, since I don’t think we’ll ever get finished.

Abbi spent some time chewing on her toys….











Brent and Lilli love to stack things as high as they can in fun formations and then smash them down (using our old Jenga game).













No one has colored on the wall, that’s just some samples we’re eyeballing for painting the Bonus Room.  That color did not win, too much red in the brown for our taste.  We’ve got a few other colors sampled around up there but we’re having a hard time choosing between two very different colors!












That morning Brent surprised me with an early Mother’s Day/back to work treat – a massage at my favorite spa (A Moment’s Peace).  I’m very glad we live close to it now, so he can surprise me any old time he wants!! It was great to get away for an hour and get pampered.

Later that afternoon Lilli and I played princesses while Abbi napped and Brent finished our laundry room upgrades (new cabinetry, woo hoo!).  She was lining up her princesses to see which one wanted to buy the new house.  Merida ended up being the lucky new owner.  One night this week she had some of her smaller little princess castles and two of her princesses were talking about how their castle was too small and they needed to move to a bigger one.  I guess someone’s spending too much time with HGTV or eavesdropping on us!













That night we ordered a Jet’s Pizza and broke out our ET DVD to show Lilli for the first time.  She was a little scared at first when they didn’t know if he would be nice or not, but once it was established that ET was a friendly alien she absolutely loved it and has asked when she can watch “ETT” again.   It can be a little intense in the beginning and again at the end when ET “dies” and also during the final chase scene, so I wouldn’t recommend it for 4 year olds who are a little skittish, but she did great with it and we enjoyed watching something not so cartoony.




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