Sunday Fundays

From just over a week ago….May 5th – Cinco de Mayo!

That Sunday was yet another chilly Sunday.  Poor Abbi has pretty much nothing to wear because I never thought I’d need 3-6 month winter stuff, and Lilli was already well into sundresses at this point.  But, she did get to wear this one that we were gifted when Lilli was born.  I think Lilli actually wore it during the fall when it was kind of small on her.  Abbi is really starting to play a lot in church so I’ve got a few small toys stashed in my bag for her.  She does great in the nursery during class – she usually has a bottle then (if she doesn’t get hungry during church) and then takes a short nap.













For lunch we met Serif (and his parents…) at Opry Mills.  She has been missing some Serif lately, although she has mentioned this week that she’s now going to marry Opie Taylor instead, particularly since Serif hasn’t given her an engagement ring yet.  I haven’t explained to her that Opie Taylor is now a really old, bald guy.  I’m pretty sure that would break her heart.












Opry Mills is definitely the best kid mall in Nashville since they have the Disney and Lego stores (as well as some other stuff).  She had a great time playing with Serif and we had a great time catching up.  And Abbi mostly slept, all that listening in church wears her out.












A little play time amongst sisters later that afternoon….











This little outfit is a hand-me-down from Lilli’s church friend Audrey.  We got a few other “A” outfits from them! Yeah for having a first initial match!! I’ve started getting some of Lilli’s custom stuff with just “L” the last couple of years since it’s so much better for resale than her crazy spelled name.













We ran by Sherwin Williams that afternoon to grab some paint samples and then by Costco to get some photos of Abbi printed for her cubby wall at school and our desks.  I really don’t like Costco – it’s SO crowded all the time and it’s just a pain with the huge buggies and people all over the place.  We don’t go much, but now that it’s closer and we have a new freezer we probably will visit more often.  Lilli absolutely LOVED the free samples and was actually willing to try most everything offered to her!  She kept asking “where’s the next already cooked food place” all throughout the store.













Our garden is coming along nicely! Most everything has already started coming up except for maybe the pumpkins.  Our lettuce is growing like crazy with these cold temps so we’ll be trimming lettuce for our dinner very soon.  Tomatoes and peppers are growing super slowly, but if the sun ever comes out to stay hopefully they’ll take off soon.  Hopefully before long spring will sort itself out and everything will warm up soon!




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