Lily and Lilli

On Monday May 6th after work we headed over to the Brentwood library for the “Lily Listens” program.  I had signed Lilli up a few weeks earlier for this special program where kids get to read to this service trained boxer.  It’s particularly supposed to help shy kids or kids just learning to read build confidence.  I knew Lilli would just love getting to pet the dog and would hopefully help read a little bit.

We talked about it for a couple of weeks and the night before she picked out three of her books to take – a book about a mouse that eats a piece of cheese and ends up huge, I Can Potty, and Where’s My Sweetie Pie.  All three are books we’ve read thousands of times so she has them pretty well memorized.












We got there a few minutes early so she got to play with the toys before our time.  Each kid has ten minutes and we had the last slot of the day at 5:05.  The dog’s owner sat there with the dog and the librarian was also in the room.   At first Lilli just mostly wanted to pet Lily, but eventually she would chime in and say some of the story.  But mostly it was just me reading to a dog.













At one point the owner of Lily asked if she could hold Abbi, and told us Lily loves babies.  When we got Abbi out of the stroller Lily came over and gave her a few good licks before we passed her off.  Then we started in on I Can Potty, which really would not have been my choice for a public reading.  Next time we’ll definitely not pick something where I’m reading about kids wetting their pants and peeing in a little potty to a room of people.  And clearly it was not a favorite for Lily.











Where’s my Sweetie Pie was a bigger hit for her.  She seemed to really like looking at herself in the mirror at the end of the story.











It really was a fun activity and Lilli had such a good time reading to Lily.  We’ll definitely sign up for it again in the future as we work towards her actually reading from sight and not just memorization!




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