Mother’s Day 2013

From Mother’s Day – May 12.

This Mother’s Day was extra special because it was our first one with Abbi.   (Old posts are at 2009,  2010, 2011, and 2012).

Sadly, looking back at those old links we do a pretty awful job getting pictures on Mother’s Day.  It is true that once they make it through church, they’re pretty much spent and taking pictures is right up there with brushing teeth and hair as far as enjoyable activities go.

After church I got to pick where we ate at, so I ended up picking Qdoba and for a little “cheat” we got some cheese dip.  Afterwards we came home and once FussyPants had a bottle we got a few nice pictures out in the yard.

It’s not that I prefer one child over another, it’s just that one can’t run away from the camera.













Sometimes big sister will voluntarily pose when she sees little sister getting attention with the camera.  Other times she’s told no one will play Frisbee with her unless she smiles properly.













Sometimes she just can’t help photo-bombing.













Poor, poor Abbi.













She just isn’t loved at all…..











But the funny thing is that she really doesn’t mind.  We can be yelling at Lilli to get off her all the while Abbi is just laughing hysterically at her big sister.


Definitely a framer for my office.










Then we did a few more pics of just me and Abbi while Lilli got to enjoy her new Frisbee.










The sweetness!!











Even the baby has lots of outtake pictures – this was right around when we were almost whacked by the wild child throwing the Frisbee at our heads…











Brent did get her once in the nose.  I am CERTAIN it was an accident.




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