Brent’s Birthday Weekend & First Foods

These pics are all from last Saturday, May 18th –

Every morning Lilli climbs into Abbi’s crib to wake her up, but during the week I wake her up first to do so.  It’s a great way to get her going in the morning without too much whining.  However, on Saturday Lilli must just lie there waiting to hear the first peep out of her – as soon as Abbi starts making any sort of noise she is in there unswaddling her and then she’ll start singing her songs, talking to her about what we’re going to do that day and so forth.  Abbi just listens and “talks” and it gives us a couple more minutes to slowly wake up before we feel like we need to rescue the baby.  We caught this on our baby-cam.













A couple of days later we’d gotten an enormous box delivered from Amazon.  I knew what I had ordered for Brent would be big, but I didn’t realize it was 140 pounds.  I draped a big tablecloth over it and we left it in the foyer.  I decided to let him open in Saturday morning so we could enjoy it all weekend.  Last year I surprised him with an Ipad, but the REAL surprise was the positive pregnancy test from that morning that I ended up wrapping up for him.   There was definitely NO topping that one this year!! (And we didn’t want to top it!!)













I told Lilli it was five Batman toys in the box (knowing she would tell Brent – and she did), so she was really mad to see it was a nice Weber grill!













Our grill was 9 or so years old and just a piece of junk, and since we love to grill it seemed like it was a nice gift to go with the new house.  I did some research on the best brands/grills for 2013 and a lot of reviews came back to the Weber Spirit.  Brent was definitely surprised (although nothing can beat the surprises of last year, ever!)











Brent started putting the new grill together, and Lilli and I got ready to feed Abbi her first foods (she the post about Lilli’s first foods here).    Our pediatrician had given us the go ahead earlier that week, and the night before I bought our first little box of rice cereal.

Getting suited up in a bib for the first time.  I bought her a few new nice and bright colored bibs I saw on clearance at Target.  I’m so glad I did, Lilli’s are just faded and stained which are fine for the purpose, but it’s nice to have a few new ones for pictures!











Definitely some mixed reviews here.  I’m sure it’s strange to have something other than a bottle/milk in your mouth!











And I’m sure it’s really nerve-wrecking to have TWO spoons coming at your face….











Oh yeah – you know big sis was all up in trying to feed her.










She just has to be involved with her sister… all times….now we kind of sneak around to feed Abbi while she’s getting used to it…..










Before long she decided her fist was more tasty.











And Pippin decided nothing worthwhile was going to hit the floor.











And Abbi eventually decided her best mechanism to get out of the situation was to cry.  She did pretty good and has been eating better each day since then and getting more used to it and figuring out what to do.  Her teachers at school are also feeding her once in the daytime a “pre-lunch” of rice cereal, and today we also added in some (first) Applesauce to the mix.

Before we know it we’re going to be ordering Kids Nuggets x 2!




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